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The engineered death of Pittodrie

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Interesting bit by Chris Chrichton here: -


The charlatans can obsess over mid-table obscurity and absurd imperialistic plans for gaudy, inaccessable stadium no one wants, or will visit, until their hearts are content, for their time will pass and AFC will have better days when they are gone.


The day Ian Donald awarded Milne the contract to build the RDS was the root cause of all our ills in the two decades since.


It put us in debt for the first time, albeit what should have been a very manageable debt and easily traded out of in the subsequent few years.


Milne used his rat-like business cunning and the money owed to him to exploit the weakness of Donald and get himself on to the AFC board.


He then lied to the fans and shareholders at the first AGM at the Capitol by saying that "the product"/football would always be our priority.


If that was the case, why was he so intent on moving to Kingswells when the paint was barely dry on the massive new stand that he built?


Where is the common sense and logic in this? Relocating rather than adding to the brand new purpose-built facility.


Then, he managed to mismanage the business to such an extent that the club became a wholly unattractive proposition for others.


The debt that he escalated so quickly and so vastly that our principal creditor required a guarantor. This suited Milne's agenda.


Truth is, no way no how would a bank foreclose on Milne. They're getting top whack of interest and they know their debt is covered by liquidating our only fixed asset.


Managerial appointments under Milne including Director of Football have been disastrous. This matters not to Stewrat. He was so arrogant he thought we'd always show up and pay our dough, irrespective of how shite it was and right up until the end of McGhee and the start of Brown, he was laffin.


Now it's gone pear-shaped for him. Oh how we could use that money he pissed on a feasibility study, let alone the ridiculous contract extension buy-out that was never required.


Every decision by Milne has been wrong for us, the AFC fans. We were never consulted about a new stadium and Chrichton is right, the majority of us would never have voted for it.


We should have been modernising Pittodrie 20 years ago behind the building of the RDS, not seeking to knock it down.


This whole thing, as CC says, is an imperialistic notion and as proposed, inaccessibly located. Should never have come to this.


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Kingswells shows what it is about, indeed what it always has been about.


Locating a stadium in green belt opens up the green belt to development. Whether it be Kingswells or Loirston.


People get lost thinking he wants the Pittodrie site for flats... nah, it's much bigger than that.


Especially when he mysteriously can purchase land from the council at knock down price  >:D


I'd never even considered that, fair point well presented

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