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Notes on the Pittodrie meeting of supporters’ group representatives 20/8/11

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Club: Chris Gavin, Duncan Fraser, Craig Brown


Representatives of 8 supporters’ groups.


Discussion on treatments of home supporters at home at Old Firm matches:


At the recent Celtic match, BBC TV filmed a report for transmission on the BBC Scotland News programmes the following week. This clearly showed a high level of police activity amongst the visiting support, with special units present as well as the standard police presence.


Duncan Fraser later pointed out that the police were very much focused on being consistent with the treatment of both home and away fans at within the stadium in all aspects of crowd control.


There was 1 arrest at the game within the area housing the Celtic fans. It was pointed out to those present that there was a real possibility that the definition of singing that could be viewed as sectarian was very broad and that Aberdeen fans might find that derogatory nicknames could be viewed as sectarian even if our supporters were not in any way  sectarian by nature.


Complaints were received about the small smoke bombs at Celtic match. These are very difficult to detect prior to being set off and those who do it usually kick them away from themselves so that by the time they are seen the are near innocent spectators.


Noted that the Green Brigade are a recognised Celtic supporters club and entitled to tickets.


Police are now routinely deploying camera units at SPL games.


Duncan Fraser and Craig Brown joined the meeting


There was a very open wand wide ranging discussion covering many aspects of AFC particularly relating to the  playing pool. Algerian striker, Chalali is seen as similar to Maguire and will be on a 1 year deal.


The club has had over 20 strikers on trial at various points. Reviewed all strikers in EPL reserve sides but none suitable. In some cases the club managers will only release on loan if there is a guarantee that AFC will field the player every game which is not ideal for Craig.


Possible link to Moenchen-Gladbach following friendly there albeit players suggested to date are not seen as any better than what we have now.


No fines now for yellow/red cards but very insistent on standards and team ethic


Made offer to talk directly to any fans of AFC as we have the right to expect that and to talk with anyone with good ideas – specifically anyone who has seen good prospects! This can be submitted by e-mail and a response will be provided to submitter.


Safe Standing


There are issues surrounding this, including  SPL rules and ground licencing requirements.


There are a lot of questions to be resolved if standing were to be introduced, including: how much space would be allocated for it; would it have to be allocated for away as well as home supporters; what would be the impact on sight lines (as taller people might easily block the view for smaller people standing behind); would a standing section be the same area as a singing section, what impact on the family stand?


The people at the meeting were broadly supportive of investigating this further which the Club said it would do.




Barrs selected as preferred contactor from short list.


Work on funding continues.


Now looking at the ”interior” designs and hope to publish for feedback.


The club will be keen to get fans views on questions such as the siting of “home end”; family area; away fans; standing and/or singing sections etc.


Training Facilities


The Club is in partnership with Cove Rangers and the Council re facilities and community element and are aiming to tie the timing in with the stadium.

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