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Team for tomorrow?

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Surely not Brewster starting v Celtic? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.




Best performance he's turned in since signing for us. Still doesn't have the legs to be starting games, though. He's fit, but he's fit for a 40 year old.


Thought Diamond (again), Seve, Hart and Soutar ( :o ) had good games as well. Mackie is awful, however, and Jamie Smith just cannot play wide left. His one trick is to stop, check back onto his right foot and hold up play, and that's just no good to anyone. Get him on the right, Barry into the middle, and - if he must play at all - Clark on the left.

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The thing is Brewster was taken off as he looked tired (well to me) but Miller came on and I think I saw him twice appear on the screen. As Craig Burley said before the game on Setanta "If I was a striker and a 40 year old was starting in front of me, I would be hanging up my boots!"

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Oh yes, Brewster was absolutely fucked by the time he went off. By the by, surely Mackie (as the young, pacy player) should be doing all the chasing about, closing down and tracking back that Brewster did..?


I think Miller came on at the point where we were tiring generally, and just not having as much of the ball as we had. I really believe he should be starting games ahead of Brewster, as he does win the ball and hold it up well. He's just slower than melting ice, and that's a huge problem when you play on the break the way we do.

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