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Nikola Vujadinovic

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"It was disappointing not to play more at Udinese but even training every day with the quality of players they have at the club was a good experience. The Aberdeen fans will hopefully get a chance to see what I can do in the next couple of weeks. I can promise that I will give it everything. I will give it my best. I am a defender and I always hope we never concede goals.


"I watched a lot of British and Scottish football whilst I was in Italy on Sky. I think Aberdeen are Scotland's 3rd biggest club. I like that they have ambitions to play in Europe. I know that they played here a few years ago against Bayern and Copenhagen. I know that Aberdeen are an important club in Scotland and have a strong history. I have only ever heard very good things about this club.


"Mark McGhee is a very good manager. We have a good relationship. I hope we will do something good this year. I would like to play with Aberdeen in Europe. I think that we have good team. From what I have already seen i think we can qualify for Europe this season.


Could the Dons win a trophy this year? "Why not? Why not? A few days here but I feel that we can do this".


Certainly making the right noises and seems he's possibly not ruling out a longer stay. Hopefully this all shines through in his performances.

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