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For all Shetland AFC fans

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what happens if there isnt one?


God knows  :-\


Too many Aberdeen fans up here are fickle and only want to use the supporters club when it suits them or when they want to see a game on sky.  Never wear colours and then come out with all the gear they are too embaressed to wear out normally.  Not all the fans, but there are some.


We'll give it a good go this season and try and get trips, fuctions, maybe an ex player or something up here and see how many turn up.  As usual though it depends on how well the team do, so, keep the old fingers crossed.

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Aye nae bother. 


Hopefully we will be getting an up-to-date website shortly.  Be discussing it at the meeting.  It will save cluttering up Donstalk.


Dont think there will be too much discussed really.  Just getting a new committee orgainsed and then there will be a wee bit o discussion after.  Hopefully we can have a meet up session once a month rather than just everyone gathering to watch the 2 games we get on tv per season ::)  Then we can start looking at trips south etc.

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That we did. 


Maybe we should look at it.  Didnt think there were that many Shetland fans on here that actually "used" the site.  (well posted)  After all there is 4 now :wave:


Apparently there is a site but has not been used in a long time so I will discuss and if they want to let that site go we might use a sub-forum :thumbsup:

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Well not a lot of news to tell you all.


A new committee was set up.  The first intention is to get our fan base back to a decent number as it has been dwindling rapidly over the years from the 200+ that it was a good few years ago.  Keep an eye on the Shetland Times as we are looking to get people to add their names or revoke old memberships and be added to the members list (which will still be free).


There will be another committee meeting before the Hunz game to see how we are getting on with memberships and take it from there.


Hopefully a good turn out for the first game then we can look to build it from there.


Still Shetland AFC merchandise available if anyone is interested.  Shirts, fleeces, hats etc.  Some are in stock others we would have to order but wouldnt take too long. :thumbsup:

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