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BBC: Harper slams Aberdeen 'bottlers'


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Harper slams Aberdeen 'bottlers'


Aberdeen legend Joe Harper has issued a strong criticism of the current board of directors and playing squad at Pittodrie over recent performances.


Dundee knocked Aberdeen out of the Co-operative Insurance cup on Tuesday, and Harper, who holds the club's scoring record, insists fans are frustrated.


"We've got players, who, at the least drop of abuse from their own fans, bottle it," said Harper.


"It's got to change, the fans are completely sick of it."


Harper had two spells with Aberdeen in the 1970s and early 80s, winning a Scottish Cup and League Cup in-between stints with Everton and Hibernian.


He scored 205 goals during his time with the Dons, but insists Aberdeen's recent lack of firepower is unrelated to the recent change in managerial team when Mark McGhee and Scott Leitch replaced Jimmy Calderwood and Jimmy Nicholl.


"All this proves is that Jimmy Calderwood and Jimmy Nicholl were not the cause behind Aberdeen's problems," said Harper.


"The Aberdeen players just bottled it. They've been doing it in cup ties all over the place.


"It's the standard of players they've got; the standard has dropped so much that it's unbearable now.


"What we have got is athletes on the park, but we don't have footballers."


Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee issued a stark warning to his current squad following Tuesday's 3-2 defeat to Dundee at Dens Park, insisting that team changes will be made after defensive lapses helped hand the First Division side a surprise victory.


"I'm bitterly disappointed and what it does is leave an impression about certain people and about the squad going forward," McGhee told BBC Scotland after the match.


"I'll keep those thoughts to myself. But moments like this could be defining moments and certainly in some ways it is for me."


Harper was quick to lay the blame for Aberdeen's plight at the door of chairman Stuart Milne, but defended the club's director of football Willie Miller for his efforts to bring success to the club.


"You've got Willie as director of football who was a wonderful player with Aberdeen, but he's beginning to lose it with the fans because he's not getting any money into the club," said Harper.


"There has been no money put into the club. All they have done is pay money out in compensation.


"Stuart Milne is a multi-millionaire. If he wants to be the chairman of a football club, then he's got to look after his football club.


"It's blatantly obvious that some of these players are just not good enough for Aberdeen.


"Darren Mackie is a hard-working guy who has been at the club for 10 years, and the fans are seriously on his back now.


"The best thing that could happen to him is to move on to some other club and resurrect his future, because he's not got a future at Aberdeen.


"Something has got to happen, because the fans are getting sick of it."

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But why is Mackie singled out again, when Miller, Kerr and McDonald have done fuck all, so far this season.


Probably because it's Mackie who's on the end of most of the abuse. This is only my opinion but I'd say Miller, Kerr, and MacDonald all have more to offer the team than Mackie. Perhaps his comment re athletes and not footballers was a sly dig at Mackie? 

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But why is Mackie singled out again, when Miller, Kerr and McDonald have done fuck all, so far this season.


I don't think it's fair to single anyone out really, but Mackie has been guff for ten years and you can bang on all you want about "x amount of managers have played him" it doesn't change the fact he is a poor player.


TEN YEARS. Crikey.

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Joey got it spot on with his comments, apart from singling out Mackie. He may be mince but he is a local loon with the best interests of the club at heart. I am not defending Mackie as I am guilty of slagging him off like the rest of us, however I would rather question the commitment and attitude of various board members, director of football & chairman.


Stand Free


PS - Taxi for Kerr!!


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My Aberdeen FC players are no bottlers

They just aren’t good enough, admits McGhee


By Charlie Allan :wave:


Published: 26/09/2009


ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee today hit back at Joe Harper for calling his players “a bunch of bottlersâ€.


Club record scorer Harper lashed out in his Evening Express column after the midweek CIS Cup defeat of Aberdeen FCby Dundee at Dens Park.


But Aberdeen FC manager McGhee claimed it was a lack of ability, not bottle, that cost them at Dundee.


For more on this story and bumper coverage of Aberdeen FC, pick up a copy of today's Evening Express.


I have the paper in front of me, and McGhee's quotes include:


That was a ridiculous thing for Joe to say about the players.  The question marks on Tuesday were over their ability, not their bottle.
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