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Scottish Premiership:

Celtic v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

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During warming, I try to do as the coach said. Disengage. It is not easy. I limps me started. Before I get hot do I look like a Japanese tourist, with a torn gait on the way from attraction to attraction. How long does akillesen?


A length of Indian jumps. Few things in life can get a feel as stupid as a football warming. So we kick up the rear. And now it is football at its worst. Stadium looks like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Almost all of the eleven thousand seats are empty. You can read the writing of the white plastic chairs make up against the blue. Only the most ardent are so early into place. The most enthusiastic and the worst publikummerne. You hear the lone voices. During the fight, when the audience fills the grandstands, one hears almost nothing. The worst thing I know is the shouts during heating. As a rule of older men. Be accompanied by a son who learns things you really should not have learned as children. "


Joachim learn to dribble like a four year old. Growing up, he had three dreams: He wanted to be top scorer in the Premier League, National Team player and professional. As a 31-year-old, he has achieved his goals. He lived well by playing football for many years, that's what he can, but he is the outgoing contract in Molde FK and fear that his career is nearing its end. Joachim is egotistical and tense, obsessive thoughts arise more frequently, his trainer worse, parties harder and do more damage than before. Girls come and go in Joachim's life, but one is disturbing more than he is accustomed to. He loses focus and begins to make serious mistakes.


31 years on the grass was named one of year's best sports books in 2008 by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden 



"Arild Stavrum 31 years on grass is a debut novel. There would not believe when you see how velkomponert it is ... There are a number of tensions that bind the book together, and that sucks the reader in - not least because people are so good and vivid portrayal of ... Stavrum know of course the environment to the bottom, but there are so many who know the environment without being able to write a good novel for that reason. The author is also bold NOK to be able to surprise, with an end product that completely blows frames. "

Kjell Olaf Jensen, AFTENPOSTEN 


"Stavrum uses a short-cut, minimalist language. Sentences are scarce, drifting, lost in the hypnotic ... It pointed laconic humor is advanced developers, and it is in fact long ago signed have chuckled so well during the reading of a new Norwegian novel .. . Arild Stavrum has given us a brave and honest novel, stylistically, thought-provoking and at times witty on one and the same time. "



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