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I was having a snooze in Edinburgh Airport yestersay, and who wanders by but Jim Leighton and another coach. The fit blond physio inna.


Went through to departures and here was the entire first team squad, got a couple of autographs so if anyone wants a copy of 'The Shining' signed by Aluko, Considine and Maguire, give me a shout. A 22 year old asking folk younger than him for auotgraphs,  ::).


They all sounded as thick as fuck - sitting about reading the Sun and Nuts. Maguire in particular sounds as neddy as fuck - 'Haw, Kerrzo, you taking that magazine man?'


Had a magic conversation with Considine.

Me: 'Is that you away to Austria?' (Startling conversationalist, me)

Him: 'Aye'

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A few years ago, I'd just come back from my brother's wedding in Jamaica. I was waiting in Heathrow for my connecting flight up to Edinburgh, and there was a number of other Scotland-bound flights due to leave around this time.


The entire huns squad had just arrived back from their pre-season tour of Dubai. I spotted Stefan Klos purchasing a Mills & Boon novel, and Barry Ferguson skipped the queue in sandwich bar, and surprisingly the ENTIRE travelling party of Rangers players and coaching staff were wearing blue Rangers tracksuits ... except Alex McLeish, who was wearing a suit and red tie :thumbsup:

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