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Sunday 3rd December 2023, kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Hibernian v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Whats happened to RedTV 'Match Console'?

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What have those shower of c*nts done to the RedTV website? For the life of me I can't find a link to the commentary. It even says 'live on RedTV' but doesn't offer a link!! F*cking typical useless twats.


I can look up upcoming games and click on Dunfermline, then I'm off to the DAFC website. Fur Fox Ache. Round and round in circles through the tabs and menus, like I'm on some porn site getting 'redirected' somewhere I dodn't intend and no obvious link.


Am I missing something simple here or is this typical AFC f*ckwittery or what?

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Thanks Kelt. There was a simpler explaination, I'm a thick twat.


I was an hour early. I forgot the clocks here went back last week and we are only 5 hours behind at the moment duuuh!!!


Skived off early and the games on live in Setanta US.


First game I have seen in a while. We are rather pish...

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