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My ipconfig shows the same for 'default gateway', 'DHCP servers' & 'DNS Servers'.


You should go into a Command Prompt (on Vista, I think it's Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt). In here, type "ipconfig /all" (note the space).


This will provide you with ALL the details relating to your computer and connection's ip addresses and DNS servers and all that shit.


What router are you using, min? I'll hae a lookey for you and give you a guide on how to set up all said requests. I've just done some tweaking on my router to get my 360 to work properly on it. I've basically ended up setting my Xbox as an "exposed host" (oo-err) on my router, which means the router is applying no filters, no firewalls, no port blocking, etc. And now my 360 is loving XBoxLive.


As for your IPv4 and IPv6, you're probably best to just stick with entering the details into IPv4. IPv6 is the new standard of IP addresses, but all ISPs still use IPv4 and will do so for a good number of years to come yet. I've never had to adjust my IPv6 settings at all yet.


As I say, let me know the make and model of your router, and I'll get the correct settings written up for ya.

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Hae a lookey at http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Huawei/EchoLife-HG520s/EchoLife-HG520sindex.htm


Talktalk does issue dynamic IP addresses to their customers. But your modem should be able to deal out static IP addresses locally (ie within yer household). With this in mind, depending on the way your modem handles port forwarding and access control, you might be able to statically assign IP addresses for your computer and your Xbox.


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