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Friday 14th June 2024

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Pittodrie a "bargain basement"

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However, following a conversation with an unidentified agent, Calderwood claims several of his first team have caught the eye of English clubs.


Calderwood told the Aberdeen Evening Express: "The agent said they know if they want bargains then Aberdeen is the place to look. That is a real worry."


He added: "It means I will be spending most of the summer praying none of the clubs actually make moves for any of the players."


Quite worrying that some clubs see Aberdeen as a bargain basement. Perhaps it is for the best that this "unidentified" agent came forward when he did, as now I'd like to think Stewart Milne will not take the first offer that comes along ... unless it's 50million for the whole squad!

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I don't think we have the players to attract the big kind of fees hibs have got (and we need to clear some of the debt)

Don't see any benefit in selling any of the players with contract up in the next 12months.  The money we make will not offset the disruption to the team, and in anycase it will cost us a fair proportion of the fee to replace the player.  Only acceptable sale would be russel (or anyone else) for 7 figures.


If we do start selling the likes of hart and nicholson for a few hundred grand you have to wonder about the clubs ambition

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