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They go on general sale tomorow?


:-\ , errr ... yes!  ::)




I forgot how soon it was. I ended up queing for a wee while to get my season ticket, frustrating that the last day for cheap season tickets is also the first day for Man U tickets.



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queued for an hour before lunchtime today and got two.


Judging by the amount of folk having to register on the database there won't be many regular aberdeen fans there.

Also confirmed by the unusually large number of teenage girls queueing for tickets.

A bloke behind me in the queue even asked me what date the game was - I said, "the 12th" and he said, "Of August?"... FAIL!


Think they'll be sold out by wednesday close of business - probably sooner.


Club should have made it 40 quid a ticket and stung these muppets for all they're worth.


Ahh, thats why people were taking so long. Thought there must be a reason for it. Took about a minute to get mine, told them what I wanted, where I wanted, they asked my adress, handed over the money and got the ticket.


Everyone else seemed to be taking ages.

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Ended up trying to get mine online as well as the phone but couldnt get through at all on the phone.

Kept getting to putting in my bank details and then it would say that i was timed out and that if i was trying to checkout then i wouldnt be charged. Lo and behold a while later i ended up with two emails saying that i had two tickets so from only wanting 2 i now have 4!!

Fucking idiots!!

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Anyway, more importantly, does anyone know anything about tickets for the game against Dundee? I can't find anything on the website, and forgot to ask when I was down at Pittodrie earlier.


No, let's talk testimonials!  ;)

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Wandered down for about 9:45 yesterday to see the queue streching back all along the RDS and the fence beside the SOuth Stand car park. Had to wait for about 90mins, but got 2 decent SS tickets. Never occurred to me it could be taking so long because of non-registered fans...they shoulda opened it to previous ticket holders only for the moment.

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