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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

New European song

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Its actually nae that bad being honest - actually some will quite like it and obvious be a few negative comments but better than a few efforts i've heard recently. The guy posted it on pie and bovril site - see link to pie and bovril at the bottom if you want to contact him.





Nu Era - Aberdeen European Song 07-08




Verse 1 (Qualifying)




The Dons came crashing back to Europe at the Meteor


It’s been five long years but now we’re back for more


Mackie’s bullet header took us to Group B


And reminded us of that final


In 1983







Back into Europe, back where we belong


From the Granite City, Stand Free is our song


With Jimmy, Diamond, Smith and Miller to lead the way


Manchester doesn’t


Seem so far away




Verse 2 (Group Stages)




Well you can keep your Greek Gods, Takis Fyssas too


You might have beat us 3-0 but you weren’t very good


Moscow brought the weather to Pittodrie


1-1 the score


still awaiting victory




We went out to the Madrid to face their second team


To play against their superstars it really was a dream


The dream turned into a nightmare on and off the park


And the table didn’t look good


Barely off the mark




We had to win when Copenhagen came to town


Christiansen and Allback all had smiles turned into frowns


Jamie Smith stole the show with his wonder goals


You could have drove a Dave Bus

Through their defensive holes




Chorus -> Solo (Melody)




Verse 3 (Munich)




We qualified from the Group of Death with Bayern next to play


25 years on and we’re out to repeat history


But Alex Ferguson and Willie Miller’s time has come and gone


We now have new heroes


To cheer on




We had no lead or cushion when we left for the Allianz


In the first leg our team shocked you, shocked even our own fans


The result in Munich came as no surprise


The amazement being


We got one in reply




Verse 4 (Reflection)




The European adventure is over after all


We played in many countries, five in total


We played in eight matches, albeit winning only one


But we had fun in the the Marienplatz


And the square in Sol




Chorus (Altered) (x2)



Back into Europe back where we belong


From the Granite City, Stand Free is our Song


With Jimmy, Diamond, Smith and Miller to lead the way

Manchester didn’t

Seem so far away




If anyone has any questions about the song just ask.


Meteor = Dnipro Stadium

Nightmare on and off the park = beaten 2-0 and cops beat Dons fans up (in Madrid) etc.


If anyone has accounts on Ab Mad, AFC Chat and Red Ultras please spread the word and give me feedback. Much appreciated. Stand free!





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I bet you have played Chas and Dave though ;D - well the last listen had the pet shop boys and some annoying lassie voice singing girls just want to have fun - name escapes me funny enough. Anyway i like that piss take that the listeners have to pick the best tune out of two terrible records.


I don't think its a bad effort - think sweetchuck is correct is its not cheesy/catchy to really take off but nice effort.


Off topic slightly i presume you have got the new sigur ros album and listened online to it as well.






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Funnily enough no I don't have it yet. I may have to rectify that when I get home. I do have the first song though.


Of course I have played Chas n Dave. They were up for the vote.


I have also played


Labi Siffre - I Got The Blues


which featured Chas n Dave as session musicians and was later sampled by eminem.  :thumbsup:


Lol - you can listen to the album from Sigur Ros website. I'm just giving it a blast just now - hope its as good as Bon Iver :)

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