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  1. Yes, exactly min, somebody who "gets" what I'm saying unlike Rico who's clearly not.
  2. A few of my mates are raith rovers fans & have said this guy has been a stick out for past 2 years & a move to a bigger club is imminent, there even touting him for future Scotland cap.
  3. 250k is better in our pocket than spoonburners I'd say. It's still failure as far as a season goes as anybody who wants to celebrate finishing 3rd doesn't have much aspirations for their club. A good Hibs team? Your kidding me on. We make alot of half decent teams look good at times.
  4. A result much needed after last weeks debacle. From a financial point 3rd is paramount & considering how shit we have been it's an achievement. How good was it to see Hedges back, sorely missed & easily our best player this season. So we have now given ourselves a great chance of 3rd, just dont fuck it up please.
  5. As for out the door, where do you begin...well imo McGinn, Hoban, Taylor, Kennedy for starters.
  6. Bang on with that. Been impressed with this guy, he has caused every club trouble. Big powerful guy, definitely worth a look & reckon would be a excellent signing.
  7. Graeme Watson the guys name.
  8. All items above sold to a dandie in Australia
  9. I'm going 3-0 dandies, Kamberi to get a brace & Ferguson. Up Out for walk with Housework Fitbaw Mancave
  10. My no for sale before anybody asks
  11. It went pretty quick on ebay to be fair mate. Heres a wee look at my AFC mancave...I'm well pwoud of it
  12. 1983 cup winners cup final memorabilia looking to de clutter my mancave abit, have sold off a few things but still have some left. Have all items up for sale at £150. Any interest message me. I will be posting other memorabilia as soon as I have went through it all.
  13. Aye it's looking like with the exception of a few that it's going to be practically a "new team" next season, Cormack has said Glass will be backed financially so we can only wait see what he brings in, personally I'm no a great fan of loan deals, prefer guys committing to the club. But 4 defenders & 2/3 quality strikers required imo.
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