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  1. I see the boy Kevin Nesbit scored a hat trick for Hibs today. I liked the look of the guy when seeing him play for Dunfermline last year and would liked to have seen us go for him, would have been worth a punt in my opinion, which granted isn't worth much. That said, I doubt he is a McInnes type of player.
  2. Generic PR statement from whoever looks after that side of things at the club, probably a 3rd Party firm. I think they were gipes, I don't have an issue with them going out for a beer after a game as regardless ofthe score they are mainly non Aberdeen fans and don't feel the hurt we do with a defeat, footballers playing at a higher level would take defeat personally, but I doubt much of our boys do, hence we don't win fuck all. I think they misjudged the situation badly and after having football taken away from us for so long it is rather sad that after one game it was taken away from us again due to the action of players at our club. I could have accepted the younger lads doing it and if had happened under the Fergie era, you would have imagined Tattie Cooper would have been first at the door of the nightclub, but the fact guys like Hayes and Bryson, coming to the later stages of their career really should have known better and could have set a better example.
  3. I think Hedges is a decent player, seems to have a good footballing brain, but I don't see him as a winger and also think he is another player not suited to the DM style as he doesn't track back enough. Half expected to see him back down south by now.
  4. Probably the best summing up of DM I have seen
  5. In the same manner that JC used to do with Jamie Smith all those years ago. The fact that Bryson is heading for 34 and experiencing his first run or injuries in his career is not exactly inspiring and we certainly shouldn't be trying to build anything around him. I am quite sure that Bryson was offered a new deal at Derby, but was told he wouldn't be a first team regular, so chose to move back up north and I think most of us at the time thought he would be a good signing, but sadly hasn't been the case. I am sure if DM signs more midfielders one of them may work out well for us.
  6. TheDeeDon


    They are hoping to suppress things without having to go back to a full lockdown and will take things as they come with the schools going back. We have to try and get some kind of order back and I think the softly softly approach is fair enough, rather that than the gungho way Bojo went for it in England. Kids beside us have been meeting up and mingling with each other for weeks now, long before if was ok for them to do so and pretty sure this was the case in other areas and infection numbers have stayed fairly low so far. The Scottish Government have always said with each lifting of measures that they will monitor the situation carefully and not be scared to take actions if required and have backed that up with todays announcement. Opening the pubs was always going to lead to potential problems, as common sense and alcohol are not natural bedfellows and so it showed. I also feel sorry for the restaurants and cafes that really did go out on a limb to make this work and can only hope this latest setback doesn't see more close permanently. We just need to hope that these vaccines in development do as hoped and can be developed soon and we can get back to some sort of normal.
  7. I am lead to believe that DM was involved in most aspects of the club, including youth development and there has been some 'problems' behind the scene with him and the youth coaches regarding youngsters getting chances, with one coach in particular unhappy with the loons not getting chances ahead of some of the shyte we have. I know that DMs involvement in day to day matters has been curtailed a good bit since the baldy builder stepped down as chairman, but not sure anything is being done about the lack of chances for our youth. You would like to think a club like ours would have good relations between the different coaches throughout the club from the bairns right up to the ones knocking on the door of the first team, but from what I heard it is not the case. I'm well aware the manager shouldn't control the youth set up, but should have at least an interest in it and work on strategies to get players blooded in the first team. Maybe it is time to ditch our youth set up and invest more in young talent from other clubs who appear more capable of walking into the first team or at least get the chance of it than waiting for our own to come through.
  8. One of the worst thing for Aberdeen under McInnes, was being in a league without Rangers, then Hearts and Hib were relegated and Dundee Utd were shit as well, so the second place place finishes enhanced his reputation during a strange period for Scottish football. He was very lucky he was the manager during that period, but I do acknowledge he still had to beat the other teams, which we did on a constant basis and did so well at times. Normal service in our game is upon us once again, with the only difference between now and before Rangers went bust in 2012, is that Celtic are far stronger than anyone both on and off the pitch, but we never took advantage of that period and built something more sustainable than we currently have, not all McInnes fault, a lot of it is down to his biggest cheerleader in Milne, but I do believe DM has a large say in youth operations and our return on that over the years has been quite poor, and I know I keep repeating it, but a huge bugbear of mine and the only way we can build a team required to at least compete is to have a strong youth policy to complement the first team. There is something far wrong if we honestly cannot develop players to compete in the SPL, can all these lads we sign as kids really turn out to be that shyte that they cannot match guys like Ojo, Bryson, Forrester, Gleeson and countless others who have had more chances in our first team than most of our youth ever do. I would never say McInnes was never good for us, because he was for a time for me anyway, but the good work he did at the start is all but forgotten now and as someone pointed out above, the only way for him is down once he does leaves us.
  9. No, he can't adapt/evolve in my opinion. He has a system and sticks to it with too much emphasis on not losing than actual winning. I accept you have to win ugly at times, but not all the time. I don't imagine we will ever be bottom 6 fodder under him but the turgid football on offer is reminiscent of a certain J Calderwood esquire, so a huge no from me. He also bleated for years about lack of training facilities holding us back. He gets them and we appear to look worse than when we did training all over the city wherever there was a patch of grass to lay out jumpers for goalposts.
  10. That's how I see it. We invest a lot of money in youth, but we don't see much of a return. I cannot include Ferguson or Cosgrove in this as they were signed as first team players and been afforded chances other youngsters we have would never get and I have seen both Cosgrove and Ferguson have horrible runs in the team, but still find themselves as first choices. I still reckon Sam is never a footballer, but has lucked out by having no real competition. McKenna was just lucky, he was out of the picture at the club until Arneson coming back didn't work out as planned and we were struggling at the back and has been our most successful centre back since. I think he is a good SPL defender, but don't think his level is much higher than us if being honest, but accept his still has room for improvement in his position and feel he has never had good guidance alongside him. Campbell I don't see it in him, but feel he is not played correctly by DM, same with McLennan, the lad is never a winger. Anderson needs a partner alongside him to play against and for that alone he will never make it under DM. I saw the RB who was on loan last season play well and looked worthy of a run, only to see Ronnie come in with a big fee and appears to impact the chances of the loon. All in all a pretty poor return on what is an spent on our youth set up and for me at least is the only way we can sustainably run our club as we cannot afford to buy 11 first team players and should be able to find Kids who can come through the youth system and make the first team. It's a big thing for me and the manager should be playing his part in it and for me, on the outside looking in, he doesn't trust our own youth.
  11. Me myself and I - de la soul
  12. Last season was enough for me, just the levels of boredom when going to games made me not renew. It is a fairly poor state of affairs that DM has got himself into a position that we cannot afford to get rid. To me it feels like he has become bigger than the club and we will fall apart if he goes. I think he has done good for us, but should have went after the 2017 cup final, as I think that was as good as things could have got for both manager and club at that point, bearing in mind we have a limited budget and the Zombies were always going to get a semblance of order back and compete against Celtic which is what our ex chairman always wanted I don't worry too much about life after DM, as not my job to replace him, but we are well past peak McIness. My only worry is what we are actually playing for now, best of the rest and an occasional final/possible cup win? I could be happy with that, but give us some entertainment on the pitch and get our youth set up sorted out so we don't always have to rely on other clubs untried kids ahead if our own.
  13. First time in a hell of a long time I have been so disinterested in a season starting. Season tickets not renewed for the season, because of the shyte football on display the past couple of seasons. Still want to hammer them today though.
  14. His game is overall quite poor, he can look OK in spells, but not the type of quality you need if you want to challenge for anything. Regardless of the goals scored by him, he is not anywhere near the class of of any of the above you mentioned. £2 million would be a hell of a return for a £20k outlay though.
  15. Did Neilson not get treated badly by Hearts when he ended up going to Franchise FC (MK Dons)? Seems a strange move and honestly can't see it working out well. Be interesting to see who the Joot appoint, hopefully it is someone who gets them relegated once again.
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