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  1. I think whilst watching on Alba that Motherwell had their tactics spot on today. Taylor didn't have a great game, but I do think it is hard when you change players at the back and we have seen over the years it has never helped us chopping and changing things, but I would say Taylor has never looked comfortable in a back three. I still reckon we are not that bad a team and putting it down to a bad day at the office.
  2. Indeed, watching on Alba the moment and we look far better at the back with Hoban, but nonetheless we will miss Scotty as he gave us a presence at the back. Hopefully Hobans injury problems are behind him, but knowing our luck, once he signs a long term deal....
  3. Back down to earth with a bump this afternoon and I blame Elgin Don for renewing his ST and jinxing us. Clearly some of our second string players need shipped out as just not good enough, but easier said than done. Take it on the chin and move on.
  4. Just catching up on the match thread and twigged something was up with McKenna, but hadn't twigged he was off. I like him and think he will do well and I think it will be a good move for him and is ready for it. I think £4 million if true is a great result for us, but we will need to spend some wisely to replace him. No way will we have a good season if Taylor and Devlin expected to replace.
  5. We are also playing him in a position that suits him, which coupled with an extended run of games is bringing out the best in him and long may it continue. He certainly is a talented loon who can play a bit and maybe his bad injury has made him think about his career and made him come back stronger and more determined.
  6. I can't see anything other than a win. Although they haven't had great form so far I still think they are a half decent team and they do give their all for Robinson, but I just feel we are playing well and looking a strong team with a bit of depth, that we shouldn't drop too many points outwith the ugly sisters games. I'll remind myself of this post when our bad run kicks in. :D Agree about not using McRorie on the right, a real waste in my opinion. 2-1 us Watkins & Wright
  7. Another win, another clean sheet and two good goals worthy of winning any game. Would have been very harsh if McRories was judged offside and it probably would have been if in the SPL. If I knew giving up the season tickets was going to lead to this kind of form I would have done it years ago. I do wonder if playing behind closed doors is suiting a lot of our players. COYR
  8. A great goal to win the game and would have been nice to have seen Wright take his chance and make the scoreline look better and was a great pass from Watkins to set him up. We just look a better team with more balance in the team, but need to score more, which I am sure will come as I believe there is goals in that team. Having Hayes back has been great, his energy on the park we badly missed in his 3 seasons away. Have we got an agreement to sign McRorie or is it a loan only? I keep hearing conflicting stories and even this soon in his time I don't want us to lose him.
  9. Another win under our belts, can't ask for more than that.
  10. I have to say that any agent worth his salt would have negotiated something in a short term term that would have accounted for injury during the closing games. I just think Fraser is a cock and I don't believe he would have saved them anyway if he had played. By all accounts he was fairly shit last season for them, I think he said as much himself. I hope he helps Newcastle get relegated.
  11. Back to proper fit a today and see us keeping up the winning streak. 1-0 Hayes
  12. He did come out at the time and say he had to look after himself to ensure his next move and couldn't risk an injury playing for Bournemouth. Not really a fitting way to leave a club who invested a lot in him over the years. I don't think Fraser is typical of most footballers and am sure most would have played given the circumstances at the end of last season.
  13. Has he not moved his familyup now? I thought I read somewhere that he had. He has been a good player for us over the years, but i wouldn't go writing him off just yet.
  14. I thought Bryson would have been a brilliant signing for us and I know the Derby fans worship him and the club did offered him a new deal, but was told he wouldn't be a first choice, so chose to leave and come to us as he feltl he still had plenty to offer. We should have been getting a player to enhance our midfield, but sadly it just never happened. I don't think it was a bad signing, just one that didn't work out to well for either party. I wouldn't class him with the other dross mentioned as I feel we just never saw the best of him through a combination of how we play and also the injury factor. I still reckon he will come back and haunt us at some point.
  15. Not quite sure where folk are seeing how Sam fits into the team other than hoofing the ball up to him. Have occasionally seen him make good touches, but far too often his first touch is woeful, but just my opinion. Another good three points, but I think Hibs are fairly shit and were for the taking today. It might be to early to say this, but I think we have a very good player in McRorie, he seems to have fitted in to the team effortlessly. I think we were poorer in the second half as game management took over and DM was happy to see out a 1-0, but it was a fairly comfortable one and feel we didn't need to do that as would have loved us to have made a real statement on the park today, by turning them over by a few and were more than capable of doing so.
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