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  1. It is apparently , Ayrshire made a huge meal of it, time of month ? or just being a dick ? started on about age, iq levels etc'.
  2. Certainly taking the reported fee with a pinch of salt, but i know Leeds are defo interested, so could be gen.
  3. Ayrshire Hun It was a James Ruddeford on twitter, check it out smart arse
  4. it was a sports journalist for a Leeds paper, it was on twitter, lets see if i can find it, he was adamant a deal has been agreed.
  5. Also hearing a Leeds based journalist saying that Leeds & afc have agreed a fee for Scott McKenna. Cant believe the fee though
  6. Apparently clubs have agreed the McGeough deal, but we are still thrashing out length of deal & of course, money. Also heard the Dunne offer is nothing to do with an offer for McKenna, havn't heard any more about the Kennedy lad from the farmers. A fit MCgeough, Ojo & Ferguson sounds decent in midfield though, & Gregg Leigh signing a permanent deal would be
  7. strong rumours of Stephen O' Donnell from Killie.
  8. So Ethan Ross has joined Dunfermline on loan for rest of the season, wonder where he had disappeared to ? Promising debut followed by mysterious disappearance. Looks like D.M wants someone on board by Tuesday, gives whoever a chance to blend in, in Dubai.
  9. All the names branded about here are names that i've heard aswell. Lindsay,O'Donnell,Kennedy,Dorrans, i think only Dorrans out of that list is a midfielder though, we badly need a couple of midfielders though, a creative playmaker & a ballwinner.
  10. Hard to keep track of all the formation changes today & again our team looked tactically clueless. Hearts were the better team for most of the game & they are clearly awful Thought Taylor was possibly my motm, not much to choose from tbh! Hearts have an uncanny knack of making you play the way they do (sometimes called hoofball) Feared the worst when i heard Campbell was playing in the middle against the hammerthrowers. A special mention to Curtis Main who gave one of the worst performances ive seen in a red shirt ,in my 50 years of going As TC said, we actually,somehow gained ground in the league today , thanks to Nialls sweet strike, but we are still a hard watch.
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