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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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What Is Success??


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I had an email exchange in December 2021 with my publisher of 'Hemiplegic Utopia' Augur Press.  Our debut short story collection has sold 182 copies that they are aware about during these last fourteen years. 

This doesn't count a copy which got sent to Archbishop of Canterbury (laughed my head off when Mirabelle told me that!) when it first came out among other copies they have handed to people we don't know.

Apparently somebody Australian based bought it past six month.  Again made me chuckle as some old lady outside Butcher a day or two later when asking what I did for a living reacted to one claiming he was a writer when Mr Seymour could be bothered with;


"So you've gone global if selling something in Australia!"


Loved innocence where above comment concerned.

It made me think has my book been a success?  Please discuss.  I just don't know myself if I've done well or not.  Have some copies at flat for those who haven't read our stuff.  Only £7. 

We give said £3.50 profit from any sale to The Margaret Kerr Unit who looked after my Mam before she passed away due to a 55 day battle fighting primary Lung secondary Brain cancer 2013 aged just 55 years old.  Especially seeing as any potential paycheque doesn't and hasn't happened a lot.

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