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Wednesday 29th May 2024

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BBC pay


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An interesting read 100K, but can't agree with you on Cosgrove, he's great value, and certainly not incestuous, frequently disses the BBC, and is staunchly pro-indy, unlike his masters.


Even Cosgrove appeared slightly embarrassed (or at least full of humility) when discussing it. He brought it up like, which was good. I think AK's point stands, it's a large amount of money for such little effort and the BBC shouldn't be paying it. It's easy to recognise over-payment in the various talentless bastards employed at the BBC, but that shouldn't take away the double standard that overpays Cosgrove. He's a talented, but overpaid, employee. It's a bit like saying "I like Gary Lineker" in defence of his salary. That isn't, and should never be, the way it works. I wouldn't call for either to be removed, but I would call for them to take a decent pay-cut or be replaced. I've spoken to many a person down the pub who are as insightful, articulate and humble as Cosgrove, so it's nae like he exists in a vacuum.


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