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The lengths we go to for footie

Guest Caroline B

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Guest Caroline B

Following on from the market research thread, I had a think about the absurd and costly situations that some of us have gone to to watch a game of football.

I know many of you have gone in a plane, train, automobile style across Europe/the world to watch a match. What is the craziest length you have stretched to to watch a game? It could be skateboarding down the road on a Tuesday night for a cup game in Dundee, or picking grapes through France to watch a Dons friendly in Portugal... Okay, so those are made up, but there must be some real tales to tell that get taller each time they are relayed.


For me, I used to follow the reserves quite a lot when I was younger. I remember having such a fascination with them I forced my dad to take me to Parkhead for a midweek resreve match. Nothing at all to do with the fact that most of them were my age at the time of course!


I'd love to read your stories

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