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Bobby Clark Shut Out Record 1970-71

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Much has been written about Forster breaking Bobby Clarks' shut out record in 1971. For the record, Clark kept a clean sheet for 12 CONSECUTIVE COMPETITIVE matches, totalling 1155 minutes without conceding a goal.

Forster managed 1256 minutes in LEAGUE games only in between Aberdeen's McGinn and Hayes scoring to end that run. Sandwiched in between all that was the Dons 2-1 win in the Scottish Cup and Barcelona's SIX in the Champions League. Records are made to be broken but although there is no doubting Forsters' League shut outs, and it is a worthy feat, the record for CONSECUTIVE matches remains with Bobby Clark.

In the Dons 12 matches in 1970.71 they won the lot and scored 31 goals. In Celtic's 13 games they scored 27. Clark also kept a clean sheet in a 5-0 win over Gornik in a friendly in that run, but lets not go there...

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