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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

ūüŹÜ Scottish Cup Quarter Finals ūüŹÜ

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

ūüĒī‚ö™ÔłŹ Stand Free! ‚ö™ÔłŹūüĒī

DOns v Partcik

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If we can get the first goal, I would be confident that we can get through this one, but should, God forbid, we concede the first goal, I really do think that the heads may go down and we could be in all sorts of trouble.


Hopefully, the injury list will not be as severe in the morning and we can field a reasonably strong side.


Fingers crossed.



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So it would look like....




Hart    Diamond    Smith


De Visscher    Nicholson    Severin    Touzani    Foster


McGuire    Young



It looks as if we could be without 4 of our first choice strikers - Mackie, Miller, Smith, Lovell!!!!


Dan Smith and Lee Mair will come into the reckoning....


Hopefully Clark and one of the strikers at least will make it....


Not great looking to me....





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Maybe this is a chance for the guys on the periphery of the team to put an effort in, to fight to be noticed and a regular place.  Agree that Glangers should start, despite losing 3 to the hun, he has more presence in 6 yard box than Souter and none of those goals were his fault .  The important thing is we start to score.

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I hope JC doesn't shift Seve back into defense. Midfield is very light without him.


I hope we stick to 4-4-2 and dinna go 3-5-2.


I imagine Jimmy will be tempted to do both of the above. Seve'll punt it, our mid would be wasted and the strikers isolated.


Worst case IMO:


Hart Seve Consi


Clark Nic Smith Mair Foster


Maguire Young



I'd go:


Hart Mair Consi Foster


DeVis Nic Seve Clark


Smith Miller



Nae fussed about 'keepers. Either one equally capable of conceding goals they shouldn't

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Well that was another pish game but at least we won. I turned up expecting a poor crowd but the mostly full staduim and a long line to the turnstyles met me.


Seve, looked pissed of and not interested last night and could have gave away a goal after a miscontrol in the box which ran out for a corner. The holy shit expression on his face was shared by most of the crowd.


Considine - slid into a challenge 7 yards out and brought down the Partick player. Partick fans in the pub afterwards were raging he wasnt sent off. Made up for it with a goal in the second half which he either headed in or knocked in with his knee.


Clark - too much sidewars running then passing, had a fair few shots but none were on target.


Nicholson ran for the 90 mins and was getting everyone into position, but he didnt really have any telling balls.


Derek Young played quite well, but those who are unkind would say he was at his level.


Miller, well he did bugger all except not run very fast and miss a great opertunity which fell to him just behind the pentaly spot. The keeper was on the ground to the left middle of the goal and no Partick players were near him - and he hit it straight down the middle and missed.



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