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Shop Christmas sale

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I'd like to take a rare opportunity to thank the shop today. I have slated them in the past over the cost of kids kits. However, this week my experience was very good. I called at the start of week to ask if they had the sizes I needed.

They did, but at £56 each. ( presents from gran ) so when I grumbled they told me that if I came Thursday there was a sale on.

So today I was in Aberdeen And dropped in. 20% off everything which pleased gran. Also though Jack, Pawlett, Clark & Arnason came in. They couldn't have been more accommodating, signing the 2 strips with a message for each boy and waiting until I got my phone to snap it to show the kids.

Well done AFC, just surprised it wasn't busier. Also a huge thanks to the boys for making 2 wee boys Christmases extra special!

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I also say well done to the shop.

Went online to get my nephew a t-shirt. Website said sold out so I tried to call, unfortunately no answer so I emailed.  A while later before popping out I thought I would call again. Wiffie answered and asked if I had just emailed and if so she had the t-shirt I was after in the size I needed in her hands.  Apparently when down to the last 5 in stock the website says sold out.  Sorted out payment and delivery in a couple of mins.

Jobs a good un.

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