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Dons fans in South & Central Scotland

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After a season of falling attendances and falling numbers in supporters clubs its time to take action.


Our supporters club in Edinburgh has been hit with apathy on top of the usual turn-over of people leaving town and having family commitments etc. However I know there are a large amount of Aberdeen fans not affiliated to any supporters club/group in Edinburgh who would go to more games if they were part of a group rather than going alone. I spent 2 years in Edinburgh with no dons fans as mates and this dramatically curtailed the games I attended. Putting dons fans in touch with each other will not only help my supports club but also supporters clubs who need numbers to run a bus, the club with revenue and the team on the park.


A facebook page has been set up to allow individual/groups of supporters/supporters clubs to interact with each other in additional to the traditional ways of getting in contact. It covers the South & Centre of Scotland to allow a wide a net as possible for fans in the region to make contact with each other, and to allow smaller less known groups/clubs to be visible. It is quite obvious that there are many supporters groups out there that are not on the official supporters club list http://backoffice.afc.co.uk/Fans/Supporters/sclubs.cfm as their flags can be seen at games and through meeting them at games.


It is also important for designated places to watch games on TV are set up in the town and cities of South and Central Scotland so fans meet each other and from there can re-start some of the old supporters clubs or set up new ones. That is why we will also be compiling a list of dons friendly bars in the towns of the region. Setting up a supporters club is simple and the staff at Pittodrie who deal with it are excellent and helpful. Unlike before there is no minimum level of members so it allows small groups of fans to become affiliated.


If you live in the South or Central Scotland please follow this link http://www.facebook.com/SCSAS


The SCSAS Team



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