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Scouting Young Players


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There's often plenty of criticism aimed at how we scout for young talent, but just read this "blog" on BBC Sport and noticed we got a wee mention which sounds quite encouraging.




The Football League Trust's affable youth development business manager Jim Briden plays a key role in organising the trials and is a whirling dervish of activity as he deals with one matter after another on the day of the exit trials.


"Two years ago the standard was very high, it was not that great last year, but it was high again at the recent trials," he said.


Particularly pleasing for Briden was the fact that every Scottish Premier League club attended at least one of this year's trial days, with Aberdeen at all three. Manchester United also sent a scout along, although Briden is realistic enough to admit he was probably not on the hunt for players.


A total of 274 boys attended in 2010, with an estimated 140 scouts. The Football League has also sent out 116 letters of interest, which follow a scout asking for details about a player. There are a further 40 letters still to be written.


Briden estimates that in 2009 30% of the trialists were approached by clubs and of these 26 boys went on to receive apprenticeships, roughly 8% of the total who attended.

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