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Alright gentlemen.Signed up cause I wanted to see what everyone was saying abut JC and the future. If anyone cares I think,despite what Milne said this afternoon,  that this decision has been in the pipeline probably since the Dunfermline debacle.  It also sounds like JC was more pushed than anything else and our illustious leaders have opted for change.  At the end of the day it is a novel approach for us to freshen things up before we see the dons in crisis headlines in the EE and who is to say it wont work.  Surely we are in a more attractive position at the moment than at any other time we have appointed a manager sine you know when?  I think JC steadied us buthas probably taken us as far as he can.  Wish him all the best for the future etc but my concern is Aberdeen.  I actually think Mcghee would be a decent appointment.  Eric Black has been touted for the job before but I am not so sure.  Here is my concern, whilst agreeing in principle with the move today it will only work if we get someone better and the list of realistic candidates is not exactly massive.  Surely they have someone in mind.  Thoughts?

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Whoever it is (and that alone will spark massive debate with many different opinions on right and wrong people) they will have a massive job on this summer.  Left with tiny squad and will need a lot of work to get decent squad together for next season.  Here's hoping we get someone appointed soon so can get to work immediately.

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