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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

JC on the season so far

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Our Sorry Start Is In Past But Scars Of Abuse We Took Won't Heal Quickly

Dec 30 2008 Jimmy Calderwood


Pittodrie Bust-Up... Early Season Flak So Hard To Take


IF I was issuing a half-term report it would say some good, some bad, can do much better.


Let's deal with the lows first. The worst was our poor start to the campaign. We took a lot of flak due to results but the critics have short memories and it was hard to accept.


After our run in the UEFA Cup last season, solid foundations had been laid. But because several vital players understandably left for more money and new challenges, the team had to be rebuilt.


No one hammered us, the team always gave total commitment, defeats were down to individual errors which could not be legislated for and we dropped to the bottom of the league for a very brief period.


Yet we weren't cut any slack, the fact that the team needed time to bed in was ignored, we took dogs abuse and the scars remain.


We have now won five games on the trot at Pittodrie, the confidence is back, the football is flowing and the future is bright.


A few weeks ago, I detected a new resolve about the squad in training, a doggedness and determination.


Anyone who saw how the players dealt with the physical challenge of Hearts will agree that this Aberdeen team has the battling qualities to go with their ability. They came to avoid defeat, we went for victory and were worthy winners.


It is my fervent wish that some of the fans present will come back again. If we had home gates like that every week, with everyone willing the players on, it would make a huge difference.


I am 100 per cent behind Walter Smith's vision for the Old Firm to leave Scottish football and compete in a league comprising clubs out with the powerful G14 group.


There are many positives and negatives surrounding the proposal but I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


As a manager, there is nothing worse than knowing it is well-nigh impossible to win a league before a ball is kicked.


But that is exactly the situation every boss in the SPL out with the Old Firm finds himself in before every season. Realistically, we are all playing for third place behind Celtic and Rangers.


Sure, we are capable of beating both in one-off games but because of their financial clout they can't be caught over the season.


Hearts split them one season but only because their owner threw silly money at the team and their challenge couldn't be sustained. It will be argued that if the Old Firm departed there would be a loss of income because the Glasgow giants' reserve sides would not carry the same support or appeal.


Yet Aberdeen had 18,000 fans at Saturday's match with Hearts. I am certain if we were in with a chance of winning the title, Pittodrie would be a sell-out.


If Walter's plan ever comes to fruition, there would have to be certain iron-clad guarantees.


The winners of the SPL would still qualify for the Champions League and the Old Firm teams would be barred from entry if they came out on top.


It is an interesting proposition from Walter and one which will most certainly be discussed beyond our borders.


Clubs like Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Anderlecht, Standard Liege, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and the Scandinavians cannot compete as they once did in Europe because the money simply isn't there in their domestic leagues.



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