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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

SPL fans' views on the season

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"As the late great David Francey might have said: 'Catastrophe for Aberdeen'.


"Long-suffering Dons fans can take some slight solace from the home win over Kilmarnock, but five consecutive defeats effectively ended this season as a competitive enterprise, or any chance of European football next season.   ???


"And let's face it, with the way Scottish football is currently configured, there's not much else to play for - if you discount the unedifying pride that teams seem to feel with a top-six finish - the equivalent of a good attendance certificate at the school prize day.


"So what ails them? I don't claim the special insights into formations and tactics so beloved of the Dons-supporting Calderwood detractors to be heard any given Saturday on air with James Traynor.


"But even I can notice the hapless Keystone-esque shambles of our so-called defence, shoulder shrugging and heid scratching after being torn apart by the mighty attacking forces of Hamilton or Kilmarnock - aye right!


"To blame the manager, as great sections of our support now do on a daily basis, is, to my mind, too easy. :clap: There is something rotten at Pittodrie and it's the attitude of the players.


"Once again, our two best performances of the season have been against the Old Firm when our overpaid, under committed 'stars' have presumably felt themselves to be in the shop window.


"When there's no royal blue or green hoops on display our boys seem to go about their business like a group gathered together for occupational therapy.


"I still rate Calderwood as a manager but even us believers are now starting to struggle to see how things can ever be any different when genuine talent and commitment seem to be in such short supply at Pittodrie."

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Interesting views, and probably not too far from the truth. Before the season started, I voiced the opinion amongst my friends that things were simply too stale at Pittodrie, from the manager downwards. I don't advocate change for change's sake, but a new man in charge with his own ideas and players (and subsequent kick up the arse for 'undroppable' players like Foster and Young) could have made all the difference.


Having said that, I do realise it's November, and still feel we will finish in the top four this season.


Jimmy must stay.

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