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signings for which positions?

Guest balgownieblizzards

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Guest balgownieblizzards

O.k. - we have signed Mair and Kurrant so that should more than cover central defence and right back. I also feel we are strong enough up front already with Lovell, Miller and Mackie and Maguire coming off the bench.


Where else do you think we need to strengthen?


I think we still need to sign a decent left back and left midfielder. Both preferably left footed! We should also sign a tough tackling midfielder. Perhaps this is where JC see's McNamara fitting in? If there is any more scope left in the wages budget then we should try and bring in a more creative midfielder to try and bring more chances the way of Miller and Lovell.


I can't help but think we are still a bit short in the goalkeeping department mind you. Langfield is a decent keeper but if he gets injured then we have a problem. Souter is awful. Would be great to get in another decent keeper to provide some competition for Langfield and maybe we should give Souter the heave ho.


All in all if we can stay relatively injury free we could have the making of a good side for next season.  :)





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Despite all the defensive signings, I reckon we still need a big commanding central defender to partner Anderson, someone who will win every header and won't be easily brushed off the ball. Every team in the league seems to have at least one of these types of defender, and we don't have any.


Unless we sign McNamara as a left back, we'll need one of those too. Foster has done ok, but I don't think he's good enough to command a first choice starting 11 place in the team for the season ahead.

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Guest Donofthered

We do need to get someone in on the left, noticed on the BBC site Tony Capaldi has left Plymouth and he is a Northern Irish internationl who can play left back and left side of midfield.  Don't really know how good he is and would rather have Maldini and Robben  ::) but he might be about our level wages wise.


As for a keeper, Neil Alexander and Neil Sullivan are both available I would take either of them over Langfield.  McNamara will be a good signing wherever he plays maybe in that holding role in midfield if Hart and Anderson both stay.  Then again even if they do stay I would not be against McNamara at right back with Hart and Anderson in the centre of defence.

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