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Nicholl demands professional approach

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Aberdeen assistant manager Jimmy Nicholl has urged his players to prove their professionalism when they travel to Ayr United on Wednesday night.


And with the pain of losing to Queen of the South in the Scottish Cup semi-final still fresh in the minds of the players, Nicholl wants the Dons to ensure they are in the right frame of mind for the match to avoid becoming victims of another cup shock.


Nicholl said: "You always find you will lose a game if you don't go about your job properly. If you're overconfident then you'll become casual and if you're casual it will lead to mistakes and goals and it just snowballs from there."


Wondering if Nicholl may be in charge tomorrow night and JC of scouting? May be a good thing as the last time JN was in charge we won 10-0  :thumbsup:

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Wll it doesnt take a genius to figure out that may be the case (nae offence to you min Mizer) Jimmy says new faces in by St Mirren game which is Saturday. Team prepare with him Tuesday, Game on Wednesday so fuck all movement there. Speak/sort/finalise and tie up delas or targets on the Thursday morning as JN has been at Ayr, sign and seal everything by late Friday night. Easy. :thumbsup:


Thats all fine and well, BUT there is still a job to do tomorrow, and it will take this lot all the concentration they have to complete that job in a satisfactoy manner. Believe me, the final score had better be in our favour or else big, big questions will have to be answered from within Pittodrie.

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