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Farse rules mean Kingston will face us

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Just read in the Teamtalk website (article here) that Hearts have decided to appeal the racist claims relating to Laryea Kingston. As a result, he doesn't have to serve his three-match ban until the beginning of the new season, leaving him free to play in their final (and probably most crucial) matches of the season.


Again, this is absolutely farsical! I remember a few seasons ago the huns appealed Fernando Ricksen's "karate kick" on Darren Young, and as such he was free to play in crucial matches that he was due to be suspended for. It's an absolute joke that this is allowed.


If I was handed a driving suspension, can I appeal it because I really really need to drive next week? NO! If I appeal, I might not get punished financially (or criminally), but I sure as hell wouldn't get to drive again until my case is heard.

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Guest kennymac80

From the BBC website:


Hearts assistant coach Stephen Frail says that his club did not play the system to their advantage.


And then a wee bit further down:


"But if it's playing the system then I'm sure other teams have done it.


"If he can play until an appeal is heard then we have to use that to our advantage."  ??? ??? ???



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I'm not happy about this at all. It makes a farce of it, especially since conroy was apparently fourth official today, but he's been moved elsewhere and we now have the recently-done (6pts& a fine) speedster brian winter. So how can the ref who was abused be moved while the person who has been banned can play against the team he was playing against when it all happened? Farcical. >:(

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