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53 minutes ago, ayrshire_don74 said:

cosgrove is regressing , might be due to what you are saying .. 

Obviously there could be much more to it than that, and for me he hasn't been the same since the move to Cormack park, so I think there's an issue there too. But we see it time and again from McInnes. Players who are struggling with form, and we bring them back in and then ask them to do something they either don't enjoy doing or they struggle with. Wright's position was always behind the front man and with an element of free role. Yet McInnes insisted on playing him as if he was the form player, switching him around the park constantly never allowing him to settle. McLennan and Kennedy have both been subjected to it, and it was blatantly obvious why Stewart was able to cope with the handful of simple instructions doled out at killie compared to playing here. Cosgrove just needs a hand through the difficult period he's having alongside our best possible starting eleven. There's absolutely nothing to lose given Main is the alternative. The guy scored twenty goals before Christmas when he was part of a creative(ish) team where he was allowed to take the ball into the channels, run at defenders and take the ball into feet. Then we decided that height=target and that he couldn't possibly have any other attributes despite the evidence and we actively played him out of form. It's frustrating like, because most fans will just see a player not scoring and a defence resorting to punting it to him and another hoofer alongside.

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Thought McRorie was poor again today, he's not been great since getting covid, seems to tire. I'm guessing Campbell was given minutes because we'll need him against the scum soon, but McRorie looked like he was struggling. 

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