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  1. Hopefully they do something in his memory. Im too young to remember his playing days, but I have watched many a video and he was a great player. That goal he scored against Rangers in the cup is one of the greatest moments for our club, it was every school boys dream and you could see what it meant to him. RIP Neale.
  2. A quick bullet to Trumps head will likely be the easiest way for Pence to gain his presidency, then the real bad shit begins. Of course, I am purely speculating that this is the planned end game (Pence as president), but as rightly stated by Rico, the big money came in once Pence was on board and these financial backers will at the very least want Pence's influence to shape the WH. Is Trump the face that represents Pence or is he a hindrance to what the republicans and their financial backers really want to achieve. I take what CNN says with a pinch of salt but here is a link to Trump's 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech... some crackers in there and shows the man for how thick he really is. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/08/23/politics/donald-trump-arizona/index.html
  3. Mike Pence is the greater danger because he is also educated. I read somewhere that experts done an analysis on Trump and he communicates verbally at the same level as a 7 year old. Of course he has a 'big mouth' but i have always thought presidents were just the face for those behind the scenes. If that is the case, then Trump adds in the extra worry that he has his own mind and can share his thoughts internationally at any time.
  4. Did anyone catch Trumps speech in Phoenix? The man is delusional at best, slating the media that he claims misinterpreted his previous rant. Previously, Trump said live on air that "both sides were to blame" for what happened in Charlottesville, yet in the Phoenix speech yesterday he ranted that the media lied and is trying to make him look bad. Everyone heard him say those words, so how can he deny it? He spent over 20 minutes slating the press, veering from the speech written for him. Those around him looked uneasy and you have to wonder if invoking the 25th isn't all that far away. If there is one thing i have said about Trump, he is a international crisis waiting to happen with all of his public rants and going off on tangents. We cant be too far away from a speech that spells the end of his presidency.
  5. Any fan from another club who is willing to go onto another clubs forum, is usually a screw loose to be honest. Thats my guess anyway. Eaststandelite over on Abmad was always one who was easy to wind up.
  6. I was in Revolution one night a few weeks back and 4 lassies in the mid 20's spent around 40 minutes just taking selfies... not even an exaggeration. There was very little talk between them and even less drinking. As stunning as they were, they looked like f*cking mongs just posing and pouting for such a long length of time. The world is becoming more retarded by the day.
  7. Its almost like he didnt think there would repercussions for being a racist fuckwit
  8. The right to bear arms will be the undoing of the US and a civil war is not entirely unrealistic. Independent states may seem like something out of an alternative history book, but its heading towards an implosion. This is a country that has suffered at the hands of racism since the colonial era, right through to the civil rights movement. Despite advances since then, it is still a country divided by race and many still somehow believe that both black power and white power are the same thing. Far Right views are nothing new, but globally its on the rise again and the US is still a hot bed for both racial and xenophobic tensions that can spill over into something bigger. What happened in Charlottesville is a small glimpse of what could happen up and down the country in coming weeks and months. Having an unstable government and one that doesnt openly condemn white supremacism only adds to the far rights belief that it can achieve its goals. Trump is a nightmare for the US in terms of stability and one way or another, America is going to face some huge problems pretty soon.
  9. Is this all just a hyped up propaganda game by the media and governments? Has anyone actually heard KJU say the things he has been accused of saying? I see things in the media all the time showing some outdated North Korean news shows, but they look like library images and videos rather than actual evidence. While I do believe they are testing their nuclear ability, im not so sure I buy into this talk of NK striking the US. I think the US are deliberately trying to raise tensions in the area and are provoking an attack. However If it is true though, then either he is as mad as some say he is, or he is trying to push test the US patience. One thing that has always been for sure though is the US can be unpredictable. Even more so with Trump. As others have said though, I think a war would distract the US citizens from what is going on in their own country. Bush’s ratings were at their highest level after 9/11 and the Iraq/Afghan invasions, so we know for sure that they can raise popularity of struggling presidents. The trouble with another Korean War is that this one involves a nuclear armed ‘enemy’. A pre-emptive strike on NK will likely lead to the NK nuking another country. The issue with NK is that unlike Russia and China it is unstable, struggling, has no place on the world stage to negotiate anything, Its reclusive, starving and has completely isolated itself. It stands to lose everything, but has nothing to lose at the same time and its own citizens live in fear of both its own government and the lies fed to them that the US and South Korea want to attack them. Do I think a war with the north is likely? Yes I think that its inevitable eventually. The rhetoric can only continue for so long and someone has to back down eventually. Trump and KJU are both people who don’t like to admit defeat or are likely to back down. It could just continue to be a game of words, but with NK struggling with having further sanctions imposed on it even by its closest ally China, and with the US becoming a hotbed on its own doorstep and being ran by a struggling president, something is likely to give soon enough.
  10. While i am completely against the conflict in Syria, I just cant understand the hypocrisy from both US and UK governments on this. What is happening in Syria is both tragic and horrific and it should be condemned by every government in the world, but wheres the same condemnation for the Saudi's continual bombing of Yemen? We seem to stand idly by and allow it to happen because we have arms deals with them. Did the Independent not report that over half of Britons dont even know there is conflict going on in Yemen, and yet almost the entire population knows about the Syrian conflict. Both are awful, but the killing of innocent men, women and children is tragic and awful no matter where it is. I cant see there being any Tomahawks getting launched into Saudi Arabia anytime soon!!
  11. While i tend to be side of a conspiracy theory, i do believe that gas attacks were carried out. What I dont believe is that is was necessarily Assad that carried them out. I watched a video last night of the alleged gas attack and unless babies have become very good actors, i would say it is real. Little kids screaming, skin hanging off, eyes burned etc. Grown men twitching on the ground, foaming at the mouths, skin peeling off, being hosed down to help the burning etc... i cant for one second believe this wasn't real or that it didnt happen, because in my opinion after seeing the footage, it quite clearly did. Im not a sheep who believes everything in the media and i very rarely believe the news at all, but this wasnt a media outlets video, it was something i came across. Of course the date may not be correct and it could be older footage, but it looked very very real to me.
  12. Stupie82

    Hatchet Face

    The two things the "Better Together" campaign used against YES was the EU and currency. Darling constantly spouted tripe about the pound and how we would wouldn't get into the EU. This time around they are in a predicament.While they will still bring up the currency issue, they have no ground on the EU seeing as we are being dragged out anyway and their broken promises on the vow will make people lest trusting towards them. I hope 2 things happen this time around. I hope that the YES campaign, the SNP and Nicola have what it takes to not get drawn into playground battles and i also hope that their is fairer media coverage on the independence side (no laughing at the back). As for the currency issue, well i agree with Rico. A Scottish currency is the way forward and as long as the SNP have done their homework and have most of the answers, then its the way to go. It will be the area that the majority of "on the fence" types will want the answer to. I also agree with Rico in the fact that any pound sharing talk will not bode well. IMO it made the SNP look weak last time around and almost desperate to try latch on to something that wasn't necessary. It gave the BT campaigners the upper hand.
  13. Either Oz for me again this year or Langkawi in Malaysia ... Was in Oz last November, best country i have ever been too. Very much hoping for a return back :-)
  14. Stupie82

    Hatchet Face

    This is the single greatest reason why NO ONE should ever trust the government about what its says on Scottish Independence. A f*cking travesty that not only made sure we didn't see independence in the 70's, but also that the offspring of people since then, still believing the same shit spouted about how we would suffer if independent. It saddens me that not only are the Cons making more ground in Scotland, but people here are still believing all their shite and actually believe they want whats best for Scotland. The Conservatives serve ONLY England and they couldn't give 2 shites about us here. As for Theresa May... she is up there with Thatcher as far as I'm concerned! Bint!
  15. Stupie82


    The wifes a veggie and has been for 20 years. Because of that, I eat very little meat at all, just through ease of cooking and buying shopping etc. I eat Tuna at work, mainly in salads etc and if im in a restaurant I will eat meat, but these days that’s very rare for me to do that. Im certainly no vegetarian, but I think I could become one without thinking too much about it. I just need to broaden my tastes! Christ, before I met my wife, vegetables consisted of only potatoes, now I’m eating all sorts of veg. I was such a fussy eater and would never try new things. The biggest issue I have with meat is that I love that taste, but cant stand the idea of animals being killed to make it. I do however eat a lot of Quorn and I really do enjoy it. Some folk say it tastes like cardboard and to start with its different, but most of my meals consist of it now. Could I give up meat? Morally I think I should because as I say, I struggle with the dilemma, but I think I will continue to slowly ease myself off of it and start exploring more vegetarian dishes before going full blown. As for being a Vegan? Well I drink very little milk and I hate cheese….
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