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  1. I do not like censorship but realise it has to be used on some extreme occasions. But a link to a single post making fun of rangers is taking the piss A lot on here think the same thing but none will say in case they upset the mods but if you want the site to go down this route say nothing. I am out of here
  2. caledonia


    Did you say clear not if you are going by that link
  3. caledonia


    So you are saying its because I linked to a post taking the piss out the Huns but because its on a Celtic forum its not allowed.
  4. caledonia


    Why dont you answer the question "are you now not allowed to link to other football forums" If the answer is yes its censorship If the answer is no then you are the fucking moron And if you dont know the answer well that says it all ps its not as though i was promoting the other site i only linked because it was taking the piss out the huns Testing with this link to the BBC website just to see if its on your approved list (checked and do not see to much green or blue) http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premier
  5. Do not know what but i smell shite re rangers and this http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18471197
  6. caledonia


    this is the censorship that glasgowdon cant handle http://kerrydalestreet.co.uk/single/?p=11509945&t=8700235 Is it really that bad and its taking the piss out of the huns What i would like to know is it a rule for all links now to other football forums to be deleted ps if new link is deleted pm and i will let you see how mild it is
  7. Today's Daily Retard says Killie manager wants the vote a secret ballot maybe they saw my post
  8. A petition is ok but i cant be fucked with signing all that shit what is wrong with the standard email address and name that thing asks you everything except the colour of your pants
  9. Can the SPL try and make it an anonymous vote to try and hide who votes for in/out because this in my opinion would change a few votes from no to yes including AFC
  10. caledonia


    What is the policy with regards to Censorship on this site. Some jobs-worth mods can delete links to other football sites (celtic) but at the same time put their own links in (huns)
  11. So its ok for you to link to the huns in this post and spread it here hence the Hypocrite remark http://www.donstalk.co.uk/messageboard/index.php?topic=14989.msg248387#msg248387
  12. You need to fucking grow up so we cant link to other football sites now or is it just sites you choose. Next we wont be allowed to say the Mods are hypocrites
  13. So if the fuckers get kicked out the league it will kill Scottish football but if they leave to go to England or the Atlantic so called league it will not. How does this work
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