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Rules and Regulations

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1. The moderators are here to keep the forums safe, sane, and secure. Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods. If they ask you to do something, please do it. If you do not like the mods or the moderation here, then feel free to not post here.


2. Please do not try to cleverly circumvent some rule listed here. These rules are general guidelines and are very flexible.


3. Don't post links or ask for links to download illegal copies of copyrighted works, including AFC footage, movies, books, software, mp3s, etc.


4. Keep in mind that everybody on the forums has to see your signature file over and over every time you post. Please make your sig file under 30k in size with less than three lines of text. Do not use images larger than 500 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.


5. Do not troll, spam, hi-jack or attempt to 'fish' in discussion topics. If you want to post nonsense, do it in your own thread.


6. Please refrain from using the forums to flog your old gear. This is not a trade site. Anyone wishing to sell something on the site should first approach the site administrators for permission. Repeat offenders will be removed from the site.


7. We do not need you to back seat moderate. If someone has offended you, or you want to draw attention to someone who has breached the guidelines, use the 'report to moderator' function and the situation will be quickly resolved if necessary. Also, please don't abuse this function.


8. Please post topics in the correct forums. If you are unsure, choose the one that best describes what you want to post about. If we feel you have posted in the incorrect forum, we will move it to the correct one. It's not a major problem if you do make a mistake in this instance, however, if we feel an individual is continually posting in the incorrect forum in order to antagonise, action will be taken.


9. Please keep posts clean. This site is accessed by people of all ages, if you want to look at naked people, there are plenty of sites that cater for your requirements. If you feel you really must share something that would be considered 'not safe for work' please state ''NSFW' in the topic title, and provide a link only to the material in question. This limits the chances of someone viewing something they would rather not view. Please try and keep your language clean wherever possible too. The odd swear word now and again isn't a problem, but we'd rather not have to deal with too much.


10. Please keep personal grievances off the site. If you don't like someone who posts here, either learn to be civil, or ignore their posts. We do not want the site filled with unnecessary arguments. This is not to be confused with debate and discussion, we welcome this.


11. Disciplinary procedures. We'd rather not have to tell people how to behave on an internet forum, unfortunately, it happens fairly regularly. There are no strict rules to govern this, any action we take will depend on the isolated incident in question. Repeated indiscretions by the same user will obviously be taken into account, however. Actions we can take will range from a polite request via PM to change something, a warning via PM, an 'any more and you're gone' yellow card, a period of suspension, to an outright ban. We don't have to be impartial or consistent. If you don't breach the guidelines, you have nothing to fear.


12. Try not to post duplicate topics. If you hear of a news story, a quick browse of the topic titles on the first page of the relevant forum should suffice in most cases. We'd rather that discussion on a specific topic be kept on one thread, rather than being splintered over 2 or more. If this happens, the topic will either be merged or locked. It's an easy mistake to make sometimes so don't worry if your thread is locked because of this.

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