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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Minutes from DST meeting with AFC board - 19/09/13

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Our meetings with AFC have continued and we’ve been able to get positive responses on a number of issues, including catering issues, that members have raised to us. The minutes of the most recent meeting is now on our website:



We are still looking to grow our membership as much as possible as AFC has recognised that with c1400 members and c4000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, that our voice on behalf of members/fans is getting stronger, but clearly we can still do more, and get stronger.


Whilst the situation is different, fortunately, the example of the new fans’ groups at Dunfermline and Hearts, in raising fan participation, and importance, in affecting club matters, shows the value of a bigger supporters’ voice. In Hearts’ case, their foundation membership has grown from 47 to c7500. It would be great if AFC’s fan representation was as strong.


Don’t worry, we are not trying to get cash out of you as membership remains FREE, albeit donations are always welcome and whilst our aims and objectives remain unchanged (see website) we would like to up the ante on raising funds for Simmy’s Youth Development programme, to keep the conveyer belt of young talent as strong as it has been of late.

So,  whilst visiting the website to read the minutes, if you're not already a member, why not click the membership button and join up... Remember, it's free to join!


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