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The Dnipro Kids Appeal

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Many of us will be looking forward to supporting the Dons in Dnipro in the coming weeks and there are few things more exciting as a football supporter than a trip to a foreign land to back your team.


Our hosts on the 5th of October however still suffer from crippling poverty and many of the most disadvantaged there could benefit tremendously from the change in your pocket, a small on-line donation or from some clothes and toys out grown by your kids.


When Hibs visited in 2005 the Dnipro Appeal was set up to help provide for some of the poorest children of Dnipropetrovsk and to ensure that the warmth and generosity of the Scottish fans would be remembered long after Hibs had been pumped out of the cup.  You can find out more about the great work done at http://www.dniprokids.com/.


Now its our turn to continue this cause and do our bit to support the orphans of Dnipro.


Aberdeen Football Club and new SPL sponsors the Clydesdale Bank have kicked off the appeal by donating £750 which will be presented before the Aberdeen vs Motherwell game.


We will also be collecting children’s clothes, toys and games, and useful items such as nappies, towels and bed clothes.  If you have items to donate please contact me at jwhimster@gmail.com.  I’m also looking for fans traveling to the game to take items across for us.  Again contact me at the above address if you’d be willing to do this.


After the home leg the club will be donating a variety of signed and match worn items to auction on ebay.  You will be able to find these items by doing a key word search on ebay for “Dnipro Kidsâ€.  They will be listed after the Dnipro home leg on September 21st.  This will be a great chance to own some great memorabilia while also contributing to a very worthwhile cause.


You can also donate on-line right now at http://www.dniprokids.com/donate.html - any donation will be most gratefully appreciated so please do take five minutes to make a real difference to the lives of these most deprived kids.


All the cash raised will be used to help the children.  It will be used to buy medical supplies and vaccines, school books and equipment, warm winter clothing, Christmas and Birthday presents and generally making their day to day lives that little bit easier.


If you can contribute in anyway please do, all your contributions will make an impact.


Help them to Stand Free.


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Folks here is a list of what will be purchased with some of the momey donated so far - as you can see its pretty basic stuff - any donation of any size makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.


1. 10 DVD's of cartoons and films for the kids - 20grs each - 200.00grs


2. 100 Protective cases for toothbrushes -  2grs  - 200grs (£20)

3. 50 School pens - 1.50grs - 75.00grs (£8)

4. 15 Little wooden chairs for smaller kids - 83.00grs each - 1245grs


5. 4 chairs for the teachers- 86.00grs each -344.00grs (£35)

6. 4 teachers' tables - 426.00grs one - 1700grs (£170)

7. Stationery for schooling - 120.00grs (£12)

8. 50 maths and writing printed notebooks - 4grs each - 200.00grs (£20)

9. Microwave - 400.00grs (£40)

10. 30 slippers for smaller children - 10grs each - 300grs (£30)

11. 30 metres of linen cloth - 30grs/m - 900grs (£90)


Total so far for TB Centre approx £570



Thanks again for your support

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