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Shamelessly stollen fae Mad, and I would recommend the thread I've linked below which discuss this further:




The Great ALBA Mystery?

This is very interesting. Very very interesting. So interesting in fact, that those of a somnolent disposition may wish to look away now.


Often I read how "we always get beaten when we're on Alba". So, in order to verify the veracity of this claim I have carried out, at no small expense to my employer, a full analysis of the Alba results since they started broadcasting in 2008/2009.


The analysis reveals that, whilst it is true that we have only won 19% of our games on Alba, we don't lose more often than we do lose.


We do perform more poorly than we have done generally, Alba games netting 0.91 Points/Game on average over the full period of analysis, compared to non-Alba games netting 1.22 Points/Game.


The moral of the story? F*ck knows, but its now dinner-time.


I shall leave you with the detail behind the analysis.


Thanks for now and sleep well.



Overall Record:

On Alba: P32, W6, D11, L15, F26-A41, Pts 29 (0.91 Pts/Game)

Not on Alba: P85, W29, D17, L39, F90-A112m Pts 104 (1.22 Pts/Game)



On Alba: P10, W1, D6, L3, F9-A11, Pts 9 (0.9 Pts/Game)

Not on Alba: P28, W13, D5, L10, F32-A29, Pts 44 (1.6 Pts/Game)



Matches on Alba:

30-08-2008: (a) 1-0 St Mirren

04-10-2008: (h) 1-2 Hibernian

08-11-2008: (a) 1-2 Dundee United

15-11-2008: (a) 2-2 Hibernian

31-01-2009: (h) 0-1 Falkirk

21-02-2009: (h) 2-2 Dundee United

03-03-2009: (a) 1-1 St Mirren

21-03-2009: (a) 0-0 Hibernian

07-05-2009: (a) 1-1 Dundee United

12-05-2009: (h) 0-0 Hearts



On Alba: P10, W3, D4, L3, F11-A11, Pts 13 (1.3 Pts/Game)

Not on Alba: P28, W7, D7, L14, F25-A41, Pts 28 (1.0 Pts/Game)

Matches on Alba:

22-08-2009: (a) 3-0 Hamilton

17-10-2009: (h) 1-1 Hearts

24-10-2009: (h) 0-2 Dundee United

31-10-2009: (a) 0-2 Hibernian

12-01-2010: (a) 0-1 St Mirren

23-01-2010: (h) 1-0 Kilmarnock

10-02-2010: (a) 2-2 Hibernian

06-03-2010: (a) 1-1 Hamilton

20-03-2010: (h) 2-2 Dundee United

08-05-2010: (a) 1-0 St Mirren



On Alba: P11, W2, D0, L9, F6-A19, Pts 6 (0.54 Pts/Game)

Not on Alba: P27, W9, D5, L13, F33-A40, Pts 32 (1.19 Pts/Game)


Matches on Alba:

21-08-2010: (a) 1-0 St Johnstone

28-08-2010: (h) 0-1 Kilmarnock

11-09-2010: (a) 1-3 Dundee United

02-10-2010: (a) 0-2 Inverness CT

16-10-2010: (h) 0-1 Hearts

09-11-2010: (h) 1-2 Inverness CT

20-11-2010: (h) 0-1 St Johnstone

11-12-2010: (a) 0-5 Hearts

26-12-2010: (a) 2-1 Hibernian

02-04-2011: (a) 1-2 Motherwell

09-04-2011: (h) 0-1 Hibernian


On Alba: P1, W0, D1, L0, F0-A0, Pts 1 (1 pt/Game)

Not On Alba: P2, W0, D0, L2, F0-A2, Pts 0 (0 pts/Game)


Matches on Alba:

23-07-2011: (h) 0-0 St Johnstone

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