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Supporters' Club Meeting - Minutes

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Notes on the Pittodrie meeting of Supporters’ Group representatives

9th April 2011


Several different groups were represented at the meeting, hosted by Chris Gavin, also attended by Willie Miller. Supporters Clubs were asked to forward any topics for discussion in advance.

Key points arising were:

1. It was confirmed that Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan have agreed to come to Aberdeen for a forum which would involve a wide spectrum of invitees.  A date has yet to be confirmed but it is likely to be into t the 2011/12 season.


2. Fit Fans Campaign – Other clubs have been running these but not AFC.

Jim Crawford of the Club’s Community Department has been investigating this with the SPL. The Club will be going ahead with the SPL Trust’s FFIT initiative. It is not expected that the campaign will begin until August but full details will be announced when available. A leaflet has been published and a copy will be emailed to Supporters’groups.


3.  Is it possible to publish away fan numbers in the programme as is done by many English clubs?

Action – There is no particular reason why this is not done and Malcolm Panton will look at the possibility for next season. It may be that it would be more accessible on the website rather than the programme


4. Why does the alcohol ban continue at Scottish football grounds? Other sports’ grounds sell alcohol with no issues.

Scottish clubs are not against the sale of alcohol in their grounds if it could be properly managed, especially as it would potentially be a source of additional revenue.  However the decision lies at Scottish Ministerial level and is not in Football’s hands. If supporters want to lobby for change, it might well be an issue for the Supporters Trust movement to pursue.


5.  Is it really so hard for the SPL to plan a fixture list that is basically week about home and away?

This will be a good question to put to Neil Doncaster when he is here. AFC has made representations on this issue in the past but has to recognise that the fixtures list is complicated by factors outwith the League such as other events that may be planned around the country, International and European requirements. Television also has a bearing on the list.


6.  Islander Season Ticket –can the same deal offered to offshore workers be offered to islanders from Shetland and Orkney?  This is not something that the Club will look to extend.


7.A question was asked about problems with queuing at the South Stand and Main Stand prior to the Cup replay against St Mirren.

The main problem was at the Main Stand where 2 additional turnstiles should have been in operation.

The communication should have been dealt with far better with the supervisor and lessons will be learnt from it.

The fact that these turnstiles were not open meant that fans made their way to the South Stand putting those turnstiles under pressure with queues forming there although there no queues whatsoever at the Richard Donald Stand.


8.  A wide ranging football discussion with Willie Miller followed, addressing questions about renewals of player contracts. Willie explained that there was a great deal of work required and part of this depended on the Manager’s decisions concerning who he wants to retain and who he would prefer to release. The first team squad needs to be about 22players and the Club will make the best possible offers that it can manage based on the financial position in the current economic climate. A lot of work has been done scouting possible replacements for players who will leave and who can be better for the money.



We have used many young players this season and this maintains the Club’s reputation of being one where developing players will get their chance to progress. The under-19 set-up has been bringing through some very promising players but others may need a bit longer to develop so there are tough decisions to be made with so many being over 19 by the end of this season.  There has been discussion within the SPL of a possible change to an under 21’s league to allow the slower developers more chance to progress.

There has been a move to drop the requirement for the under-21’s element of match squads. AFC does not favour this change but it seems likely to happen.

Date of next Meeting: To be advised when the new season’s fixtures are known.

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