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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Mark mcghee :(

Guest dandydon

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Guest dandydon

I don't mean to be a mark mcghee hater but look.

He puts chris m out on loan when we need as many forwards as possible.

He said in jan hes not looking for short term fixes but then gets steven maclean, jim paterson and paul marshall(all duds) on loan.

He buys jerel ifil(dud) and grassi(super dud) and that nelson boy.


He puts mulgrew in the wrong fecking position. Mulgrew was one of our main players when he played as left back.

When you think about our worst players-its all players mcghee got.

Apart from darren mackie and young.



He then says after the total embarassment that was dons 0 raith 1 that he takes the blame because he prepared the team-but then says he does not no what he could have done better.



This season had so much promise-but we have been let down-again.


But then when we complain we get told to stop living in the 80s and to have lower expectations.


I don't think top six or european football-and  a cup final is THAT much to ask for.


And also how long has milne been in charge? (feckin c*nt)

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Mulgrew is a left-midfielder, but he suffers from the curse of being left-footed and 'flexible'.


Hence both The Slug and McGhee constantly trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by playing him in defence....where he usually swings between uncomfortable and useless.


Give him a constant run in left-midfield and he'd look like a player again...unfortunately too late for that now and I fully expect Mulgrew to be lining up against us next season for Hearts/Hibs/United, if he doesn't got the Championship.


The rest of the first post is pretty much true....the constant pash that McGhee has talked since last July wore me down a long time ago, his transfer dealings would be pretty laughable if they weren't so painful, and his obvious inability to inspire this group of players and get them playing with any sort of cohesion screams 'lost the dressing room'.


It's a triumph of blind hope over reality to give McGhee any more time to make things worse...because believe me, if he cannot somehow turn things around and we don't hit the ground running in August, we WILL be bottom of the league come October......and by then it may well be too late.





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