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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who gave the pod a listen, if you're interested part 2 is now online (https://spoti.fi/2X2Ttvx). This one brings us up to the modern day; post-Fergie; including appointing your first (and only!) foreign manager and the Atlanta Utd link up. Cheers Mark
  2. Hello!! I hope you're all doing well, Myself and a couple of mates have been in the planning stages of a new football podcast for nearly a year now, the chosen club for our third episode was your beloved club! We have released part 1 today which takes you from the club's formation to the outrageous trophy laden Ferguson era. It would be amazing to get some honest feedback from you guys on what we have created! Obviously it is a learning curve and the first few episodes will be a little rough around the edges. We’ve done a couple now and I think this one is already an improvement as you learn with each one you do and get more confident! I just hope we have done your fantastic club justice! You can listen wherever you usually find your podcasts: Spotify, Apple, Anchor etc, or find the link below (please feel free to remove that part if links are not allowed!) https://linktr.ee/The_Journeymen Cheers Mark
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