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Money, Money, Money...
« on: July 22, 2019, 04:00:17 PM »
In the last three weeks I've spent without including spending money on the day £324.85 to attend both Rovaniemen Palloseura and Chikhura Sachkhere Europa League ties.  Of course living four hours from Pittodrie does mean an early morning train up and accommodation must be booked.  I've never questioned said cost it does take to follow my team but because we try make effort where European Encounters, midweek Cup Clashes and League Liaisons plus odd Christmas Crackers are concerned I feel like some part-time supporter!! 

A week Thursday will be my 236th game spread over 26 years albeit there was some decade long gap between visits from 1997-2007 due to personal and family circumstances.  Since our Mam passed away I've felt health has played a big part in attending with only forty games under belt during last six years.  I'd actually say make that five year seeing as we had anxiety and depression issue most of 2018 and halfway through 2019.