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Chinese not Russian Roulette
« on: March 22, 2019, 07:15:13 PM »
Earlier this morning I was putting on a few bets for horses and football where weekend action is concerned.  Had a wee shot on Roulette Machine before they go down to a £2 maximum stake on April 1st.  Only went as high as about £13.75 a spin and won about £40 or so. 

  When we played Bayern Munich in 2008 on the day I become a published author I've without fail tried lumping on Black 26 and Red 27 seeing as those were the two numbered shirts of Sone Aluko and Josh Walker.  It is amazing how often one number comes out very soon after the other and one spoke with guy behind counter as to why SeeBass does have this tradition.  Came home to see where Eniola's brother was nowadays and playing Chinese Super League with Beijing Rehne!!  How has he managed that?!?!