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Premiership Points 2018
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:53:04 AM »
Just saw this on BBC Sport Scotland page there. Kilmarnock have amassed the most points in total in 2018, albeit they have played 2 more league games than Celtic, and 1 more than the rest of us behind. They have taken 74 points in total, we are 4th, having taken 69 points in total.

We are 5th in the total amassed at home, behind Celtic, Rangers, Kilmarnock & Hibs, we have taken 39 from a possible 57.

We are also 5th in the Away points amassed, behind Kilmarnock, Celtic, Rangers & St Johnstone, we have taken 30 points out of a possible 54.

Feels like Killie should have more to show for their efforts, quite an impressive feat when you consider the players there, I would take 3 of them ( Taylor, O'Donnell & Jones ) but that would be it, Clarke doing a great job.

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