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  1. ^ Better choice. Thanks for showing due diligence and I appreciate the assistance.
  2. ^ It's a family inspired night, wise up.
  3. I'll need a theme tune to walk out to when I do the White Collar boxing night at Beach Ballroom in December. Lean mean fighting machine, but I don't know which tune will adequately suffice... Survivor? No. Scottish inspired? No. Aberdeen? No. Copy some of the greats from a bygone era? No. Benny Hill? Maybe. It's a quandary.
  4. I find your remarks deeply hurtful and extremely rude. The human being in question has made his cock public domain by posting about it on the internet. Photographic proof of remedial work is not, I repeat for clarification - not a 'sick' request. As for not being an Aberdeen fan: ludicrous suggestion. AFC DNA (Premium), AFC Season Ticket and 4x AFC Corporate Briefs. In other words I wear my heart on sleeve and do not shy away from putting my hand in my pocket to support the cause. Now, wind your neck in and zip it laddie. (Born Aberdeen, raised Royal Deeside)
  5. ^ Usual over-reaction for dramatic effect from Aberdeen football forum's resident drama queen. Wind your neck in min, it's not that important.
  6. So... if the Gentleman posted up a photo of his reconditioned cock, you wouldn't be interested and wouldn't look??
  7. I don't really care what you think. You're just jealous it's not your penis I'm interested in.
  8. Are you not curious?? Not every day one hears/ reads of someone getting a rejuvenated penis. If the poster didn't want to 'share' he'd have kept this in his pants. Literally.
  9. ^ Well said. Sooner we get away from Westminster the better.
  10. Excuse my curiosity and I apologise if maybe I've read this incorrectly... Did you get your cock rebuilt? If so: a) What was wrong with it that surgery was required? b) What did they use to put it right? c) Dose it work? d) How big is it? e) Any photos? f) Ever thought of selling your cock story?
  11. A Confession. True story, very goodly acted.
  12. Unlikely there will be, no need to fret.
  13. Not so much the fact he's not going to his Brother's funeral that's bothering. It's the fact he's more concerned about a family member passing and how it would affect himself. Might cost a couple of pounds, might make him depressed enough to want to drink beer, etc... Self-centred and self-pitying.
  14. Your brother has died and you won't go and pay your respects ? Self-pity central you min.
  15. Almost Friday though... Teeing off at 3pm. Haven't so much as lifted a club since last Friday, would be a shame to jeopardise this rich vein of form I've struck so early in the season.
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