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I have to say I have had a good think before posting this but think it's only right to expose people who are backstabbers and untrustworthy and let others see what they are really like.


As you all know there is a fair amount of you in the Globes circle I will tell things to with regards to my agent stuff and trust it isn't repeated as class a lot of you as friends, have known you a good few years and more importantly trust you that it won't go further.


Really disappointing to find out that some people have completely abused that trust, stabbed me in the back and not only that clearly think very little of me. I have copied and pasted below some of the comments made that apparently I am "an idiot" not only that but passing on things I have told in trust to randoms and also journalists which is even worse and could actually jeopardise my license and job as an agent. I'm not angry about most of it.  I'm seriously very disappointed in some people that I classed as mates have broken a level of trust and in some instances just to make themselves look good and seem important.


One thing that has rattled me is the comment about sitting in Schipol airport trying to get more money out of the club. A complete and utter lie and I would ask whoever said this to have some balls and admit it as this has seriously pissed me off. Nothing like this ever happened and why someone would say it is beyond me. Needless to say I am giving whoever made these comments the chance to admit it and have a bit of balls, hold their hands up and be decent and apologise. If they don't then trust me I will do things my way and that won't be pretty. I know that access to the Donstalk Twitter account is limited to only Mizer, Chris and Manc. This is what Mizer said to me today via text so one or all three of you are guilty which is a real shame as I have known all three of you for a long time and trusted all of you. 


If someone thinks I am an idiot so be it, I would say I have done not bad for myself for an idiot. Needless to say I am seriously reluctant about going to an Aberdeen game with certain people from the Globes in the future. Please never again anyone ask me about my agent stuff as I won't be saying a single word to anyone as this really has disappointed me, I thought some of you were a bit better than this but clearly not the case.


If those guilty have any sort of balls they would have the decency to admit wrong doing, I know one of the pictures in particular the letter from Dortmund I trusted only one person with this so let's see if he is man enough to admit wrong doing.


Telling random shite and trying to involve journalists from STV and the Evening Express just isn't on. If I told your work a complete lie about you how would you feel?


Guess there is one of you who is decent as you can see so I haven't just highlighted the negative comments. There are plenty other messages I spotted that are unnecessary these are just a few. 


Oh and the final photo has nothing to do with this it's just one of you is clearly a sleaze with shit chat up lines of "you look younger" trying to chat up some random bird through being on Donstalk. Even then you couldn't get your hole as she blanked you and didn't respond. Very much worth letting everyone see.  :wave:
























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Sorry min, you are right I have used the info you gave me for my own ends. Chris & manc knew nothing - this is just me.


I know you dont know all of them, but I do speak to journos esp Harvey - who had broke the story about Lukas. Rikki,  June (the redpriest), & Ali I know in real life and was sure they wouldnt say anything.


I know I shouldnt have said anything - hence why I said it to people you don't know not other globes. But you did say Lukas was not going to accept the offer and I asked if he was pushing for more money and you replied aye plus extra if he gets in the 1st team. Not that that matters, as I said I know I should not have said it.


Aye I feel like a tit.



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My favorite bit is aboot the cheezy chat up line.  :-*


Thanks Parker....its a long story but as some other things you need the tweets to get the full context.


Rikki I thought actually knew James via Jute/Linda as I do, Ali (bugpowerdust) was slating 'the agent' after reading he had signed when I know James did a great turn. 

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I'm nae interested if its a long story lol.

In fact i'm nae interested at all.

Why this loon felt the need for an airing of stinky laundry, even if it was just hung up in the back cave of the globe, i'm nae sure. Wont change my opinion of ye. Its nae like yer a politician, shouldnt have been the need for a 'public' apology.

Why does everything have to be lived oot in public glare these days?


You really don't have a clue do you. Your probably just best putting yourself on mute as like you have said your not interested so no point commenting further.


Mizer - As someone who text me said you have made a complete cunt of yourself and I'm seriously disappointed that I trusted you with an official document to get translated and you send it to a journalist???? That's fucking disgraceful and completely out of order! As for saying to one person I'm an idiot then another one I am a top guy, that's just a bit bi polar! Lukas was never in Schipol airport and it's standard to get extra for 1st team appearance and Dortmund covering the wage deficit?? I wondered at the time where that came from as it popped up all over social media and didn't make sense as it was a straight transfer so how or why would they cover his wages and a load of garbage, at least I know now.


Cheers to Chris and Manc for getting in touch distancing themselves, I felt I had to "air the dirty laundry" as wanted to know who the rat was and seeing as three people could have potentially been involved it's only fair to put it out there and see who holds their hands up and the one saving grace is that at least Mizer has been man enough to hold his hands up about it. I make no apology for the way I have went about it and if anyone isn't happy tough shit I honestly don't care.


Lesson learned on my part I guess never even tell supposed mates about your work business especially bi polar one's. Just all a bit disappointing but as said at least you have been man enough to admit it. 

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