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There's been some chat about doing a game again next autumn. 2 games to choose from (Dolphins v Raiders one is out as it clashes with the last day of the Ryder Cup) which leaves the Lions v Falcons and Cowboys v Jags.


Anybody interested, and if so, which one?

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To answer my own question:

The ATLANTA FALCONS will host the DETROIT LIONS in Week 8 on Sunday, October 26 at 1:30pm UK time


Of the two Atlanta V Detroit on paper is the best match up as Atlanta are a decent team despite this years horror story and Detroit are solid most years.


Only attraction to the Jaguars game is the chance to boo the Cowgirls and hopefully watch a Romo meltdown (like the one on Sunday) but there is a fair chance that Cowgirls will hammer Jaguars like 9ers did this year.

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Am going to Jags Cowboys game. I reckon, depending on the draft, the Jags could give them a game.........


ok....may not.


Bought a Claymores top too for it from ebay. (however it looks waay too much like a pats top)


On another note, anyone going to any Edinburgh Wolves games this season?

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