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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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Annual Cross Border Raid.

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As we have a winter break this year was thinking of repeating our successful (apart from losing Chimp in Wigan) trips to a game in Englandshire on the 12th January. On that day we have following games which are possible by train from Edinburgh:



Everton v Swansea

Sunderland v West Ham



Bolton v Millwall

Burnley v Crystal Palace

Huddersfield v Birmingham City

Boro v Watford


League 1 (3rd division really)


Carlsile v Coventry


League2 (4th division)


Fleetwood v Bristol Rovers


Quite like the look for the Everton game and we have not done a group trip there but open to suggestions.

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Can still get a return to Liverpool for GBP 49 using the usual trick via Preston and £22.50 to Sunderland but looks like my Mum is coming down that weekend now so probably have to give this a miss.

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