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Wee Bit of Help Needed

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Thought here was as good a place as any to ask for a little help. I've started doing personal training sessions outside of David Lloyd and happy to train people in their home/office/park (once weather gets better)


Got all sorts of kit that i can use so sessions will always be varied and different and can provide weight loss clients with loads of help with regards to meal suggestions/lifestyle changes and also happy to get them to fill in a food diary for the week and help suggest some changes that may help.


If any of you know friends/family/people at work or anyone who might be interested please let me know or feel free to pass them my phone number or drop me an e mail at jameshepburnpt@hotmail.co.uk i'll hopefully have a website to link into soon once someone gets their finger oot ;) ;) ;)


I'm happy to do a 20-25 minute consoltation with potential clients for free so can go through things with them. If anyone does refer someone to me who takes up personal training i'll think up some sort of reimbursement for them wether it be free training session or a cash reward.


Any questions to any of the above please fire away!  :thumbsup:

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I did attempt to post a link to one of my clients results with his weight loss but the picture won't post. Go onto my Facebook page and have a look and feel free to show it to other potential clients. He started end of August and has lost 7 inches in his waist and was XXL and now down to a medium.

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Booooooo someone must ken somebody wanting to get fit and willing to pay a fair price. I'm even offering cash for referrals if someone signs up. Those of you smart would realise this could pay for an away game no problem if you referred a few folk so free day out at the football.

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Guess a wee bump for this. Business number three gets launched on Wednesday night and if anyone knows anone who would like to come along feel free to let them know. I've teamed up with a girl at work doing weekly fit camps at Craigroyston High School every Wednesday 7pm-8pm. Will be different from normal run of the mill bootcamps in that we offer weekly weight in, nutrition advice and able to track their progress if it's weight loss or increasing muscle as we have specific scales to define body fat/muscle. Only costs £5 per class and will be for all levels of fitness. Have attached a link to the Facebook page and if you could invite anyone you think might be interested or let them know about it would really appreciate it.  :thumbsup:




@EnergizeFitCamp on Twitter.



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