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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. IF this mob did die again, I mean really liquidated yet again. Do they get automatically parachuted back to the PL, or would they get dumped back in the lower levels again. What is the rules if a team is liquidated twice within 20 years?
  2. Please copy and paste the most up to date list and don't use the quote function otherwise names will go Gary MacDonald. Rules: 1. One name per points tally for the season, first come first served! 2. Only allowed to change prediction until closure of January transfer window as along as it is to an empty tally. 114 100 90 80 79 78 77 - Kevin Spence 76 75 74 73 - Self confesed Lazy Cunt called Panda 72 Bearsdenred 71 - tlg1903 70 - OxfordDon 69 68 67 - Elgindon 66 65 - BigAl 64 - MBT 63 - The 'Grand Master' occasionally called Rico 62 61 - Jute 60 - Wee Toon Red 59 - 58 - RedStarTorphins 57 56 - Manc_don 55 54 53 - Tom_Widdows 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20
  3. YASSSSSS Brilliant goal Ramirez
  4. this is the effect i bet with Scott Brown in the team.
  5. Ojo looks very low on confidence on shooting
  6. depends what type of jet though, don't some of them have the engine at the back?
  7. Near the end of Season 20-21, I went through my wardrobe today and taken out all of my tops from the 90s. Is there any place we can send these tops for use within Scotland? Or do we just bin them.
  8. https://www.streamfootball.tv/aberdeen-fc/live-build-up-from-pittodrie-as-stephen-glass-takes-charge-of-his-first-game Not too sure if this is going to cut out during the match, seems to be the international Redtv link. so fingers crossed it stays up. Dam buggers.. need to find another link
  9. Think I found a working link, Is it ok to post links?
  10. Welcome to the Club, and the old saying, once a don always a don will be true for Scott as well.
  11. Hang on, surely Scott Brown will know himself he might have made a mistake in character. But that could be because he's reformed. his gesture for Kamara the other night might actually show people can change. But having Brown as 2nd and in the team gives the club that mental state to win these big games I can forgive Brown for his error. After all, humans only Learn by their mistakes. Racism has no place at Aberdeen, on the stands on the pitch and especially in the management team. The day Brown signs for Aberdeen, I would love him to acknowledge and apologise both to Shay and the club and leave it at that. I have listened to a lot of shite racist abuse in the stands from the vast majority of clubs in Scotland. But we must be able to forgive and let stuff go when people acknowledge it and apologise. After all Rico, the shay incident is between Shay and Tonevi or whatever his name was. He was found guilty not Scott. He did what a captain was supposed to do, but the facts given to Brown was wrong and gave Scott the wrong response. Now looking back, especially after the Kamara incident and the take a knee protest. Players are changing their spots. Get behind the team, get behind the club. no matter who is in charge. Christ Derek Mcinnes used to play for the huns and no one cared.
  12. https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-atletico-madrid-striker-moussa-dembele-collapsed-during-training-20210323
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