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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. It would depend on the clause Aberdeen put in at the time of selling him as to what percentage they receive of any future transfer fee. Regardless if he has moved to a couple of clubs since leaving Aberdeen they would still be entitled to money. The buying club (Reading) would have been made aware of this in advance by the selling club (Fulham) so they will know any transfer will involve a payment to Aberdeen. it is quite a common thing to put in contracts if you think your player is going to go on and be a top level player.
  2. http://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/171859-derek-mcinnes/ :rofl:
  3. Come on there is only 3 of us this year, more people need to enter!
  4. Hoping Rooney is fit. Really wouldn't be confident with either Maynard or Stockley to be honest. My prediction is a 2-2 draw, think it will be a tough game in the heat and the Cypriots will really go for it from the off. Can see a very open game. Off to bed, flight to catch to Larnaca in the morning
  5. Yeah it's fine, never heard back so assumed i wasn't trusted with one! Seen Ally's one he sent a picture yesterday so will put it up in the Dons end.
  6. :lolabove: it's me and Soldier Ally, what could possibly go wrong!!
  7. Good to know. I mailed AEL last night about getting tickets but no reply. Any idea how much the tickets are? Where did you get this info as been looking about past few days and couldn't find anything just out of curiosity.
  8. Am i still on the list from last season? I don't remember filling out forms last season?
  9. I'll pop in see if the top is still there! Do we have a Globe Reds flag i can take with me? (if i'm trusted with it that is)
  10. I'm to old for there now haha! Flights all booked up for Larnaca, out Wednesday and back via a night in Bucharest on the Saturday then back to Edinburgh Sunday. I would highly suggest some of you turn your phones off when i am away ;)
  11. Duncan get the league set up for this season coming please!
  12. A trip to Cyprus! (Hopefully) oh yes!! :wino:
  13. 3 no's for the next round then basically, fine i shall run riot one my own!
  14. Yes yes i'm jumping the gun i know! Looking at the teams could get IF we get to the next round there are some massive names in there. I guess it will depend on who we get but is anyone planning on doing an away game for any of the qualifying rounds? For some reason i think IF we get through will get Krasnodar just thought i would see if anyone is planning on going as i'm thinking a jakey European away trip is well overdue
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